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have another hump!



Quasimodo is superb but will take some practice to master the 3 stage game in the HSC period, really rewarding to play and a heap of fun. Atarimania


Rules: There is a secret portal you can activate to skip the first stage but do not use this in this HSC round. Top players: there is a flaw where you can harvest points and extra men on the castle wall stage so please just play to complete the levels :)



Clear the ladder stage using some diagonals (and possibly wall bounces? can't remember!), store the first jewel.


Climb to the very top for the 2nd jewel and work your way back down but not the same route! Press fire to drop off a rope, there are no time limits so be patient and wait for the gaps at first. You can jump off to the platforms not to the ladders; yes the first platform on the right - pull left as you land!


On the Castlle wall stage you "just" need to get Quasimodo the top! After a while you figure out a strategy - what is nice is the Solidiers are activated by proximity. The small issue with the game is they are worth too many points and they come back on between screens so players could deliberately hover between the screens and rack up a giant score and extra men. So just play to do the levels folks ;)



Orc Attack

and for those who want some extra projectile hurling action Orc Attack is the bonus game this time! atarimania



Round ends Sunday 19th July 8pm UK time


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thanks rr :thumbsup:


Had first session of Quasimodo



92,300 got the third jewel and made it back to the belfry but not down again safely!


Orc Attack



need to read up but do you need to hold fire in (causes you to walk slowly) when you have the rocks?1594445978_OrcAttack.jpg.6e00e093b4ee5b1efbc6a60263cf6d35.jpg

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Quasimodo - 8640 pts, only managed to grab the first jewel

Orc Attack - 1110 pts, level 2


I don't know if it is the file on Fandal or my computer acting up again, but I'm getting all kinds of graphics and gameplay bugs on Orc Attack. Even when holding Option on loading, I get corrupted graphics and once I started the second life with 0/Q lives meaning it would count down through the entire alphabet and symbols before it got down to digits again.

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after a lot of bows-a-slazing goes calmed down a bit and appropriated 4 jewels! 126,810


Orc Attack - Ahh I get it now! you can only drop stuff between the battlements. Hold fire to slow walk to aim. They zap away at the battlements. Sometimes they are under them so you can't do anything about it, is that right?

4,880 round 4 - completed the floating skulls :skull:


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Quasimodo: 56,710 (got the third jewel but couldn't get back home with it!)



Orc Attack: 12,477 (Round 4)



Both are fun! For some reason, I was thinking that Orc Attack was simplistic, like a magazine BASIC type-in game. But it's actually a commercial game from Thorn Emi Video who put out quite a few good games, and there's a lot of strategy and variety in this one.

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Quasimodo 152,650 got to be more patient!! 5 jewels stored I think. Had a great skill challenge where I had to use the bowling ball shots along the top of the wall to survive!


Still not really gettting it on Orc Attack - if you have a ladder under a battlement what do you do - you cannot hit them with the rocks so it ends up just being sword had this a few times and then fail to complete the first round?


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Quasmiodo 168,860 right at the top of the wall on the 6th Jewel.


If anyone was wondering what I was on about with the secret teleporter: I had a lot of fun with this game as a kid (smaller kid) and when you get the first jewel and stand on the blue square on the left it puts it in the correct case, so hmm when you get the 2nd jewel and do the same the teleporter appears. If you use it you skip the first battle stages and then you can spend all day seeing if there are more messages for each level, there are I think I retired eventually, might have them written down somewhere!


Do not use this for this HSC round unless you want to practice, but it will kinda spoil the game.




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