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Atari 2600 in Taiwan


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Hi guys, my name is Dave and I primarily collect Famicom games. Over the years I've branched out to collecting various carts and clones for many different machines, and my attentions have recently turned towards the Atari 2600.


My gaming collections are unique, as I generally focus on bootlegs and original items coming from Taiwan, as that's where I've been living and working for over a decade. 


Recently I found a few Atari carts (that stuff is incredibly hard to find here), and it got me interested in learning more.


I'm familiar with Bit Corp of course, and have a few of their original releases for the Taiwanense market, as well as many of their Famicom games. 


What other Taiwanense companies produced games for the Atari? Any other companies produce Atari clone machines aside from Bit? I'm mostly curious about items that would have been made to be sold locally, rather than abroad, but I'll take whatever information I can get.


Hope to hear from someone more knowledgeable, and I'll post pictures of the carts I have later.

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