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Any love for Rebound? (Atari Video Pinball)


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Whenever I see people talk about Video Pinball or review it on YouTube, there inevitably comes a point where they'll get to Rebound, fiddle with it for a few moments and decide it's too hard, or they can't figure it out, or it sucks or whatever, and immediately move on. I'm starting to think I'm the only person who likes the game! ?


I scored over 200 last night (3 baskets, Option 1); I should have taken a screen pic! ?


It's kind of surprising (or maybe not, given peoples' general reaction to it!) that Rebound never made an appearance on the Video Computer System. Atari got partway there with the Basketball games on Video Olympics, at least.



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I enjoy "Rebound" on my c-380.


I think I recall the same video which was a very good one about the console. I can only speculate that the video was getting lengthy and "Rebound" isn't a very intuitive game at first it was easy to just move on.


I can also only speculate that if it was called "Basketball" it may have been easier to figure out what to do.  Being a single player game probably had an effect on the title of the game.




ok I just watched the video again:


The player stated he had to reshoot the portion and it simply didn't enjoy playing it himself

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The Sears Tele-Games terminology called the game Basketball on the Pinball-Breakaway console. Doesn't seem to have made much difference. ?


I'm guessing Atari took the name Rebound from their earlier arcade game from 1974, which isn't on this console, but did make it onto the VCS as Volleyball, by way of Video Olympics.

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I just fixed up my Video Pinball machine yesterday, and I think Rebound might be the best game on it! The mechanic of dribbling the ball a little bit before aiming and taking your shot adds a lot of suspense to the game, and making all three baskets is very rewarding. I'm not that good at it though, my high score is only 34.

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