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Favorite NES Design?

Favorite NES Design?  

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    • Famicom (1983)
    • NES
    • Twin Famicom
    • AV Famicom
    • NES Top Loader
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On 7/23/2020 at 8:45 PM, Tanooki said:

Agreed, so either you get the Nintendo free mailin upgrade to multi-av to get that, you get a good VCR and use that as a RF shield for bars (I did this ages ago with an RCA proscan VCR), or these days hack it with the hi def nes kit and then it really is perfect. :D

Wait -- did they offer a free upgrade to the multi-av at one point in history? I never knew that -- I might have done that, but I probably got mine after the deadline.

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I don't remember what that post was about a half year ago, but yes if it's what I'm thinking now.

The top loader, due to complaints about jailbars, if you mailed your system back into them they would pop out the entire back plate around the point of the RF/AC jack and replace it with the common SNES to GC multi-av out port instead.  Having removed the RF component entirely and wired the audio and video feed to the new component you get a crystal clear as possible RCA style image just as the SNES would do at the time too.  They rarely pop up online, used to a bit more many years ago, but after all the rabid collector cutthroat garbage going on now nearly a decade they do so far less.  When they do appear it's super rare within it being rare itself someone doesn't ask huge money for it because some tool will pay it so they can get their special rare Nintendo variant.


The alternative I gave basically fakes it largely.  As I said I had an RCA Proscan VCR at the time and I would turn it on first, run the system RF through that VCR, then have the VCR clean the image by then using ITS a/v output to the TV which removed the jailbar noise off the RF problem entirely.

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