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Deduction game


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This game is loosely based on the old PC game Maupiti Island.

Its name is Maukiki Archipelago.

You must review cold cases in which each witness will say who they saw at what hour and in what place.

Of course one is the murderer.

The first hour will have the four witnesses saying where they were and who they saw.

When the screen is black, it is the "punk" who is talking.

When the screen is green, it is the woman who is talking.

When the screen is light red, it is the man with hat who is talking.

When the screen is red, it is the man with moustaches who is talking.

The places they can be are: The hut, the well, the manor, and the dock.

When they see a hooded man, it is because the saw the murderer.

This is repeated three times for each case, the three different hours of that case.

You must deduce who is the murderer. When you suspect someone you must press an arrow key.

Down is for the punk. Left is for the woman. Up is for the man with hat. Right is for the man with moustache.

If you were right in your suspicion a piece of a note will appear on screen. You must collect six pieces of note. That is, you must solve six cases.

Each piece forms a note that is a secret like the secret of Fatima or something like that. An international conspiracy.

That is why the murderers kill.


For the first case the level of difficulty is easy. That means that if someone sees the murderer, the murderer will say he saw such person too. That is how stupid the murderer is here :)

For the second case it is more difficult. The murderer will not say he saw someone, but will not lie where he was either, so it is easy to spot him.

For the third case the murderer will also lie regarding where he was.

For the fourth case nobody will say they saw a hooded person but will reveal his or her identity, of course without saying he or she was the murderer. So it is more difficult.

For the fifth case it returns to difficulty one.

For the sixth case it returns to difficulty two.


I hope you like it!





coldc.bin coldC.txt

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Sorry. I corrected something. Difficulty for case 3 was the same than 2. So it would never show a level 3 of difficculty.



EDIT: New version with new levels of difficulty. Level 5 and 6 where characters can lie in many other ways.


EDIT: Now with full RGB colors, the gameplay changed a little in that difficulty now is random, it's one case, you must solve it mentally, and you see a folder with photos, years after the cases. There is one photo stolen, and replaced by a photo of a boat sailing the sea, taken maybe in the time near the events. File:animate.bin

coldD.bin coldD.txt

coldE.bin coldE.txt


Edited by gfvh
New version
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