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ColecoVision Emulator for Mega Everdrive Pro


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I am starting this topic to request a talented programmer create perfectly functioning ColecoVision Emulator for the Mega Everdrive Pro. An NES emulator is included which leads me to believe a ColecoVision emulator would run without issue.


Emulator should include the Super Game Module code so that all original and homebrew roms (roms that are available from programmer/publisher) will play.


I will pay at least $100 as a "paypal" gift if someone wants to do this. My thinking is get 20 + people on board all willing to pay you upon completion. Programmer can state their desired amount needed to do this and we can figure out how many people want it and how to raise the cash for your work.


Programmer can post or PM me. I am ready to lay down some cash to make this a reality using the Mega Everdrive Pro.


8bitdo M30 2.4ghz controller would be used so that all buttons present on the original and Super Action Controller could be assessed by button combinations.


Basically the Mega Everdrive Pro would become a ColecoVision Expansion module for the Sega Genesis.

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$100 to develop an emulator would be a lot like $25,000 to build a skyscraper.  Both are ridiculously not even close to covering the effort involved, probably not enough to cover 1% of the project


It's not that it can't be done (well, I assume it can).  It's really that as a commercial venture, even $1000 would be a token, and an insulting amount to offer given the difficulty, time, effort involved


I would think even $10,000 would be on the low side, but you might get some interest if you were offering $10,000, probably from people who also don't have a strong grasp of what all is involved to do the job well.


Most people who develop emulators do it for fun and for personal reasons, and usually over a great length of time (months or years). Dozens and dozens of hours total though.  You're dangerously close to the famous "that's a dollar an hour" quote from Napoleon Dynamite, and any programmer good enough to code a working emulator that runs on a classic console could probably land a job as a programmer making at least $30 an hour (probably more)



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With the SGM module detail (very non trivial) I think the most talented programmers alive assuming they are new to SG1000/CV/SMS/MD programming, would probably take between 400 and 2000 hours to do it alone (loads of research involved as well, plus debugging).


If you figure with all their talent, they would essentially be settling for $60 an hour, let's say it took them 1000 hours total, that's literally $60,000 USD.  That's assuming you can convince the dev to take the job at all, and that's assuming you are determined to hire someone who is actually likely to both finish and actually do a good job.


I know enough to begin a project like this but not enough to finish it (yet) myself, and as a full time dev I make about $43 an hour

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