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Tax Run Game Release.


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Game Rules The litte taxmen are after you to kill you. Try avoid them and pick up moneybag to score points, When the moneybag is picked up the little taxmen have to work on your new tax and thus move a bit slower and blink for a while. Then you can escape them more easily for a while. When the border color flashes the diffculty increase and the taxmen will move a bit faster. They wil follow you most of the time , Try to lure them into the corners to go around them.



Tax Run 1.0.xex




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11 minutes ago, ascrnet said:

great job and tell us how you developed it?

I remembered a classic of the analog "Bricklayer's Nightmare"



Thank you. Well i wanted to create something simple to practice programming assembler code,  Score routines etc. 

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On 7/17/2020 at 2:00 AM, xrbrevin said:


Altho in real life taxmen just destroy your soul haha


Do they ever, this happened about 20 years ago:-


Tax Man:- we made a mistake in your tax, you owe us £4000

Me:- your joking of course, I'm PAYE I couldn't owe anything

Tax Man:- it was our fault, but you owe it and we want it now !!! send us a cheque

Me:- I don't have that sort of money hanging around.

Tax Man:- thats ok, we take 1/2 now and the other 1/2 when you get paid next month



In the end after a fruitless conversation lasting many weeks I pleaded poverty and paid them

£50 a month with no interest charges


So I'm glad to see your Tax Men are really evil, just like the real thing


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