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Coleco Adam Floppy Drive Not Working


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Hello everyone, just got a non-working Coleco Adam floppy drive. The serial number is in the 18000's, not sure if that matters, anyways, when the drive is plugged in it starts like normal, turning when I turn on the Adam the drive never shuts off. It keeps spinning and the red light stays on like when it is reading a disk. If I start the drive with a known working disk in it, the word processor of the Adam still boots, it act's like a drive is not connected at all. The plug going from the drive to the Adam net port is a good cable, the power supply is good as well as I have tested them with other drives. I'm wondering if this drive is only good for parts or if there is something that can be adjusted/done. Thanks to all in advance!


Also, the drive is set to drive 1, and the cable is plugged into the right socket on the back for "in". 

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2 hours ago, NIAD said:

I would post this info in the Coleco Adam Facebook page seeing as there are a number of people there that might be able to help.


Perhaps the Disk Insert Sensor.


Thanks for the advice, I went ahead and did that. I did open the drive and noticed that powering the drive on and off moves the head a few millimetres occasionally. There is a metal wheel that looks like it makes contact with the plastic bracket on which the head is attached to on the rails. Is the head stuck or something, sorry if these sound like dumb questions, I've got 0 experience with floppy drives in general and have no idea if the head not moving much is a mechanical issue or something on the boards in the drive. Thank you in advance.  

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