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RCL or MENU.XEX = No server response w/SIO2BT


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I'm attempting to use RespeQt + SIO2BT + RCL (or the menu.xex posted elsewhere) and can't seem to get any response but the classic fart noise and then the message "No server response!" when attempting any commands.


I've searched the docs, this forum, and even tried AspeQt to no avail - I'm obviously missing something.


I'm using an 800XL w/U1MB, SIDE2, MIO+SCSI2SD and the SIO2BT which works well enough with RespeQt to see the mounted drives and copy the files over to the SIDE2 to run.  


Any thoughts?


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I think I figured it out, kinda.  On the U1MB I had to turn on SIO2BT for ALL devices in the SIO menu.  I had it previously set to D1-D4.  Still a little flakey but it's probably me :)


Now I'm trying to figure out why when I update files in a mounted directory the emulation hangs - I assume this causes some sort of checksum invalidation on the server side but still playing with it. 

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