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Videopac newbie trying to get some information


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Hello everyone.

I recently bought a broken Phillips videopac G7400. It does not come with any cartridges. The seller said it simply does not switch on.

I am completely new to this console, but do have some experience repairing other consoles from this era.

How would I go about troubleshooting this unit without any cartridges?

One question I could not find an anwser to is what happens when you turn the system on without any game inserted? Does it output any video signal?

It would also be good to know some of the common issues with this console. What should be the first thing to check?

Any help is appreciated.

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17 hours ago, grips03 said:

Most Videopac G7400 needs a new power switch.

Yup, received the console and the problem ended up just being the power switch. Replaced it and now I got myself a fully working unit. ^^

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I got my unit 2 days ago. The power switch worked, but I had no games.
Today, after a postal delay, I got some games.
Of course, I pressed the power button, and it will hardly move. WTF. ? 
So now I do not know if my new console and the games work or not.

I have bad luck with equipment generally. If it can be DOA, I get one,
but I believe the seller when he said it works, but no display without
a cartridge I believe - and now I can't turn the thing on. I'm sad now.

This isn't quite new, LOL! "Made in France", no RGB socket, #802423.

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