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SIO reconnect for SIO2BT?


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Honestly I don't know how to solve it properly...


"SOFTWARE (SIO2BT)" handshake mode is implemented in a way that reading a command frame is an endless loop, where incoming data is beeing analyzed.

ReadFile() returns 0 bytes either when there is nothing available at the moment (which is OK) or when the serial port was closed (in this case we should return an empty command frame to sioworker.cpp, but we don't).


I don't know how to "detect" a closed serial port with available Windows API.

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On 7/21/2020 at 2:23 AM, tuf said:

Does the following feature apply to bluetooth connections?  I'm wondering in particular from a cold boot - the connection never re-establishes.






This commit is not related to bluetooth connections.

It was a request from an Atari user (I don't remember who) because he was experiencing timeout or some spurious disconnections.

The auto-reconnect option is used to reconnect if a disconnection has been detected.

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That was me. Thanks. It has helped a lot. If would even *breathe* on my SIO2PC (USB) cable, it would disconnect. If I turned on / off the fluorescent light above my desk, it would disconnect. Plasma arc disturbing the Ether or something... Not sure why, but it did disconnect many times.

This new version has solved that problem.


This is unrelated to the BT issue. The BT issue is about auto-pairing. I think that has to do with the SIO device. Not sure, really, but I do know that the latest fix has solved MY connectivity problem completely.



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