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I'll add more info in the week, Beeble has 2 game speeds from memory press Option or Select play on each until we work things out. Have fun. Round ends Sunday 2nd August. Everyone welcome to play :)


Download Fandal




Jet Boy!

For now the Bonus game is "Jet Boy!", I did think we could play HERO with Beeble but there must be another floating guy cave game, we played Caverns of Callisto recently :ponder: Think we played this one before and it was ok, grab the pieces and deposit them on the ship.

Download Fandal



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Woohoo - I love Captain Beeble! Can't wait to play tonight. It is a difficult game, but I've been training for this moment since 1985. ?


Have not played Jet Boy, so it'll be fun to try a new game as well. (New to me, anyway.)


One thing about Beeble - when you press select to play on the "slow" setting, an "S" will appear in the status display. Also, there is a limited number of unique levels. Maybe 8? Once you've beaten those, the game cycles back to level one, only this time you can't touch the walls! 

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Captain Beeble: 66,400 (regular speed)

Completed the first run of 8 stages, and was one level away from completing the second run (lethal walls)



Some hints for the Beebs:

  • Conserve your fuel! If you're actively pressing the joystick, fuel depletes quickly. If you let go of the joystick and coast, you'll still lose fuel, but at a MUCH slower rate. Coast as often as you can, especially in the later levels. There's no shame in bouncing along the bottom of the level. Or stopping to rest on the ground while you watch the pattern of a moving block, rather than "hovering" in midair.
  • Conserving fuel, in addition to keeping you alive, also nets a bonus when you return the crystal to the C.P.U. The catch is, you only get the fuel bonus if you've beaten the level on one life.
  • Killing all of the bugs gives you a big bonus. Shooting a bug is 100 points. Killing every bug in the level nets you a bonus of 100 x (number of bugs in the level) when you return to the C.P.U. You still get this bonus if you've used more than one life to beat a level.
  • Beware of the little "explosion" that happens after you shoot a bug - it won't kill you, but you can bounce off of it, potentially sending you into something deadly.
  • One of the levels is reversed (maybe level 7?), meaning that you get the crystal at the beginning, and must transport it to the end. I find it easiest to fly through the level once before picking up the crystal, clearing out baddies, and then returning to pick up the crystal when the coast is clear.
  • On the level with the moving C.P.U., hover above and let it come to you - perhaps even flying slowly upward. If you're accelerating downward, you'll pass through the C.P.U. and hit the deadly wall on the bottom.
  • The bugs are constrained to invisible "zones" which prevents them from getting in the way of the moving blocks and other hazards. You can use this to your advantage: stay on one side of a moving block and pick off the bugs from a distance.
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Some improvement on both games:


Captain Beeble - 11600 pts (reached level 4)

Jetboy - 11675 pts


I don't know if it was me omitting to hold down the Option key when booting Captain Beeble or if I found yet another bug with my 130XE, but every now and then I spotted garbage sprite graphics on the screen, that would stay in place during scrolling. This affected my ability to shoot, possibly because the garbage graphics take up player/missile/sprites/whatever resources. In more than one occasion, I was unable to avoid the insects because I could not shoot and not dodge them. It doesn't happen all the time, and perhaps if I rebooted, the bug would no longer be noticed?






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Ever since I was a kid, there was something I always wondered about in the Captain Beeble game... at the end of level 5, when you pick up the crystal, if you move right as far as you can, it looks like there is another room on the other side of the wall.


Well, tonight I figured out how to get in there. There's a little trick that lets you clip through walls, so I was able to get into that space.


Turns out that it just loops back to level 1, only this time the block in the lower tunnel is "stuck" and doesn't move.


I guess I was hoping for a secret message from the programmer, but oh well... ?   


Here's a recording - skip to 3:44 to see the wall clipping: 


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If it helps in any way, the scores last time it was played (January 2012) were as follows:



trbb 31,500

orpheuswaking 31,200
Scalak 18,100
McKong 9,800
atariron82 5,700
Philsan 3,800
littleman jack 3,700
roadrunner 3,000

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