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Paper Mario / Catherine: Full Body (two recent game pickups for me)


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I picked up Catherine: Full Body and Paper Mario: Origami King in the last couple of weeks.  Both games couldn't be further away from each other in tone and style, lol.


But.. both are pretty great.  I'm on a second playthrough of Catherine to get a different ending (On 'Easy', the game took about 11 hours for me to beat the first time) and have just dug into Paper Mario.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so far the Paper Mario offers a pretty fulfilling play experience.

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Yeah, I got Catherine:  Full Body recently too and enjoyed it as well.  I played on Normal and finished in about 15 hours.  I might play it again at some to see a different ending as well (not all of them though, I just looked it up and there are 13 different endings!).  I plan to get Paper Mario:  Orgami King at some point, but haven't picked it up just yet.  I'm very close to finishing Dead or School at the moment.

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