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E.X.O. [Done]

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Thanks @mksmith & @TwentySixHundred.


I was aiming for a bit of an "Aliens" or "2001" vibe, dark, spacey and a little foreboding.


I think this is the third title screen I've done for EXO, but it's by far my favourite.


I've also done a complete redesign of the "start" screen where the player can select their mission / world of choice etc. So instead of the "fly your ship to the icon" and select, which I liked, I have experimented with a Wing Commander / Gunship 2000 style ready room. I think it works much better thematically.


Anyway nearly time for that November update :) 

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1 hour ago, Synthpopalooza said:

Also:  How much memory does that title screen font take up?  just curious.  My double buffer flicker trick can double those greyscales, or let you have 7 level grey at 320, or 14 level using two palletes

it's about 700 bytes, I've not seen your double buffer trick, sounds interesting.

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Just now, miker said:

Some Cybernoid-variation maybe? ;) 


Yeah, I had a similar idea, but the game has really moved on from it's "Cybernoid" origins. Maybe a remix or something original would be better.


Each world in the game is thematically different anyway, so that adds some opportunity to vary the music up. @Synthpopalooza's tunes never disappoint anyway :)



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10 hours ago, Muddyfunster said:

I was aiming for a bit of an "Aliens" or "2001" vibe, dark, spacey and a little foreboding.

The Aliens titlescreen theme is absolutely awesome.


In fact as someone fascinated by space and planets, im a sucker for that mysterious planet look. It's that sneak peek of the planet that makes you want to see more. Leaves the questions in the back of my mind "what's planets composition" "what organisms are living there" "is the planet hostile or friendly"...


Might sound silly but just makes me want to get a camera and start exploring all the unseen parts of the planet ?

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On 9/18/2020 at 7:53 PM, Muddyfunster said:

More fixes on the rockets, completely rewrote the code so there are no more random slowdowns on rockets.


I've built a 128k version that I hope will work on Mateos (both .A78 and .BIN - sorry I can't remember which one you guys nee). Let me know if it works, both versions (emulator and matteos) includes all of the recent fixes and hopefully kills the blackscreen and sticking bug.



EXO247Alpha7.bas.a78 256.13 kB · 17 downloads EXO247_Alpha7_128k_Mateos.bas.a78 128.13 kB · 13 downloads EXO247_Alpha7_128k_Mateos.bas.bin 128 kB · 13 downloads

The Mateos a78 works on the concerto, I didn't get the standard a78 working.

I need to find a painline stick so I can play it ?

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Last few days I've been on a bit of a bug hunt. I had a couple of things that were in the "I'll make a note and fix that later" category, but then of course later never came and I promptly forgot about them until they started popping up on World 2 and 3 and causing trouble. So I've had a couple of days of long over due bug-fixing and optimising. 


The new demo is shaping up nicely and should be ready to share before the end of the year as planned. (not sure if the boss fight will make it in, but we'll see).


I started a quick doodle for another project, which actually turned into a nice "probe" alien to replace the placeholder Jelly aliens from the last demo. Not sure if I'll keep him yet I thought it nice to share. I should probably start a blog of my waffling :)


Evolution of a bad guy:




I've managed to keep with my idea of introducing some new hazards with each world to keep the challenge fresh.


Also to mix up the play style, where World 1 had a bit of back tracking, World 2 has quite a "circular approach" and World three is more linear.


Worlds 2 and 3 are starting to get populated with hazards and enemies so here's a couple of sneak peeks.


image.thumb.png.34855f8570c4ba8b7fc8107507f10a4e.png image.thumb.png.29d088d55059c6aa2bab1e873ae0ead2.png



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22 minutes ago, Muddyfunster said:

Not sure it will work with the current firmware on Concerto, I think the max scheme is 144kb right now.


Darn...you are correct. 


The Concerto has a total of 520k of RAM, 32k of parallel flash and 2MB of serial flash. Currently games up to 144k are supported, and work is being done to support the larger games.

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