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VGA Monitor Adaptor Issue


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I picked up this VGA converter cable for my 1040 ST several years ago but only just now have been pulling the machine out of storage to get it set up. When I plug the cable into the ST and a VGA monitor, I get no picture at all. What am I missing in this set up that could be causing it to not work?




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I am trying to use this Wise Wing Monitor: https://www.newegg.com/wise-wing-w902db-19-sxga/p/N82E16824104001#


I also have this ST to Composite cable which I tried to use with this SylvaniaTV but also got no signal.


I was eventually able to get this Trash Picked Dell monitor to work in High resolution.


So I'm guessing that these cables will only work with monitors that support a 15khz sync signal? Is there a list of compatible monitors somewhere that I can consult?






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Here is a list of 15khz monitors. Could you share the model number of the Dell monitor that works?



Yes, the vga adapter requires a 15khz monitor or a scaler to adapt to a non-15khz display. I don't know much anything about the 1040st, but if I remember correctly the commodore 128 can only run the high-resolution mode from the rgb output. That might explain why you had issues with the composite video cable but again I don't know.

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This is the Dell Monitor: https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-e151fpb-lcd-monitor-15/


The output on this 1040ST can go to both my High Resolution Monotone SM124 and Low/Med Resolution Color SC1024. I don't have any other monitor to test the composite cable so I can't rule out that it's just a bad cable. That said, my Atari 800 XL works just fine with this TV and it's own composite converter cable.

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