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Casio Z-7000 with Trimble GPS Map 110 UniCard (Thrift store find) with weird problem


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I just found this Casio Z-7000 with Trimble GPS Map 110 UniCard and I had a couple questions about this unit. The GPS maps slides into the side of the Z-7000.

1. What is the history behind this? It seems like these are GPS maps for a pilot, but I cannot seem to find anything on these units.
2. The unit seems to work well without the GPS card inserted, however, when I place the GPS card in the unit (I replaced the battery in the card) the unit freezes and does not respond to any inputs. I remove the card and all works great.

Thanks for your help!!



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Does the card have any connection for an external antenna? Alternatively, does it work outdoors?


I wonder if the card is trying to locate a GPS signal, and locking-up when it fails to do so. We used to have a GPS device that was very finicky and unreliable; it would usually work better outdoors than inside -- presumably it could find a signal easier. 



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