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SpaceVenture, from the Space Quest creators, goes beta after 8 years

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SpaceVenture, the graphic adventure that the creators of Space Quest have been developing for 8 years, has just released its beta version.

Unlike the Space Quests, starring a handsome cleaner, the protagonist is a mechanic with a beer gut carrying a robotic dog. It's 3D and third person and all dialogues are voiced.


Judging by the 7-minute video of the first scene of the Beta, the game seems to have good dialogues, interface and puzzles.


Among the reasons for the delay, the programmers mention that both designers lost their mothers during these 8 years and Scott Murphy had to overcome prostate cancer and the corresponding bill of $30,000 for the operation.


During all these years, some of the backers were not too happy with the decision of some of the people worknig on the project: Chris Pope deleted all his social networks and Scott Murphy, after leaving the project, was very active on Twitter talking about politics .


Also, the backers have been complaining for years about the multiple delays in the general comments on the project on Kickstarter to the point that they have created a small online community with their own off-topic discussions: according to one comment, the release date was announced for 2013, for 2015, for 2016, for 2018 and for 2019.


In fact, the game's latest release date, announced a few months ago, was June 2020.

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I remember following this when it was first announced way back when but had lost touch with it. I do hope it gets an eventual release and I for sure will be on board to purchase it. Heck, it would be awesome if it got a big box release through LRG or something!


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Fresh news and the first problems:



For anyone wondering how the beta is going, there is at the moment a game-breaking bug in the second chapter that has stopped the testing for the majority of the testers, so the devs have been trying to fix that for a good while now. It's possible to glitch past that point, but there's no way of knowing if all the right variables are set when doing so. Some have even managed to get to the 3rd chapter, but most are waiting for the bug to fixed so that actual progress is again possible like intended.


Let's see how this evolves (and how long do they take to fix it).

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9 hours ago, IntelliMission said:

Fresh news and the first problems:



Let's see how this evolves (and how long do they take to fix it).

I was incredibly c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ budget conscious, and just wanted the digital version. So no early access for me!

It has been a long wait, but I am glad it is finally in Beta. I hope they find all the major issues and get the game rolled out without too much more delay.

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