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The seller sent you a return shipping label . . . where is it?


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I got something that didn't work.  The seller has agreed to accept it in return.  I got two messages, one that they accepted my return and another with the subject "Here's your return shipping lable."  Except I don't see any attachments or anything that actually looks like a printable shipping label in the message.  Has anyone dealt with this recently?  What am I missing?

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The seller is http://www.ebay.com/usr/decluttr_store?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2754


Well, this ended up in my favor but it was weird.  The seller accepted my return through the Ebay system.  When they didn't actually send me a return shipping label, I contacted Ebay and started a "case."  I had to actually call Ebay to do this as there was no way to open a case within the return process.  It seems the system thought the seller had done what they were supposed to (when they hadn't).


At the same time as opening a case, I emailed the seller.  On the 2nd email, they emailed me back.  Despite starting my email from the return page and providing the Order Number, Item Number, and Return ID, the seller asked me for all of that information again and did not acknowledge that they had already accepted my item for return.  Their responses didn't give any indication that they even understood the Ebay return process at all (and this is a seller with huge amounts of feedback).  After 3 emails where they were asking me for essentially all of the information available in the Return ID, they told me to mail the item back and when they received it, they would refund me for the item and my return shipping.


I waited for my case to be resolved to figure out what I should do.  I had no confidence that the seller could follow through with their promise of refunding anything since they seemed to have a hard time even following the return process on Ebay.  My lack of confidence was made even lower by their request that I print out the email thread I was having with them AND the return info to make sure that whoever opened the package would know what to do.  I'm paraphrasing, but that is what they asked me to do.


Eventually, Ebay found in my favor and just refunded me.  The case was resolved because the seller did not respond to the case at all (no surprise).  Eventually I got a 1 line message from the seller in a new thread that simply said "Thank you for your email. Please feel free to contact us if you have further inquiries."  That was not a response to an email that I sent at all . . . just a random email that I guess they sent because they finally realized what happened and that Ebay decided in my favor.  Who knows?


Anyway, I think I will avoid ordering from them again.  In their defense, I did order some very cheap XBox 360 games and most of them played fine.  However the return experience for the game that did not work (which was also the most expensive game btw) was terrible.  I have no confidence that I would have been refunded if Ebay had not stepped in.  Then again, I did get refunded and they revealed how incompetent they are.  Perhaps someone a bit more clever than me could figure out a way to use that to their advantage?

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Oh, I forgot that I had more info in case anyone is reading this at some point in the future . . .


I actually bought the same X360 game from a different seller and it ALSO did not work.  I followed the process to return that one, and I was given a return shipping label immediately upon filing the request for a return.  I mean, I got it right after clicking the button and following instructions.  I got it even before the seller "accepted" my return.  I guess THAT is how this whole thing is supposed to work.

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If they are a big volume seller my guess is they just didnt have time to deal with it or hoped you would get sick of it all and give up. In the end by them paying to have you ship back a broken disc they just lose more money anyway.

Glad it worked out in the end for you!

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I did get the impression they wanted me to go away, but they might have just been incompetent or uniformed about how Ebay actually works.  If you don't want to deal with returns then why not create a listing that doesn't offer return shipping OR just don't accept returns?  Just give me some clue that you are probably going to scrutinize any returns? 


I know from this second experience that there is an automated way to have return shipping labels created.  I wonder why they don't have that set up?


Anyway - I guess Ebay had my back in this case.  Buyer beware.

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