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HSC17 Round 16 Poll

More of trbb's selections!  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick some games

    • Hijack (E.S.C.) (PAL Only)
    • Whistler's Brother
    • Aquatron
    • 3 Week Battle of the Tetrises
    • 3-4 Week Tomb Based theme round
    • Kik-Start
    • Zaxxon & Super Zaxxon

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  • Poll closed on 08/16/2020 at 03:00 PM

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Fandal has the games

ataraimania has the info

Poll closes after the current round


Hi-Jack (E.S.C.) PAL Only

A lesser known, really good rescue game, the superb giant trees make you jump (and crash!).


Whistler's Brother

One of my favourite games ever.

Whistler's Brother atari screenshot


Great scrolling shooter, nearly as good as defender and dropzone, really.


Tomb Based Theme Round (3-4 Weeks)

some ideas:

Pharaohs CurseLost TombKing Tuts TombPharaoh's PyramidPharoah's TombTutankhamLorien's Tomb


Battle of the Tetrises (3 Weeks)

We'll pit tetris games against each other in some sort of tournament to see which ones are the best (we know already but it might be fun) ;-)

ACTris!Atartris IITetris (HMC)


Crazy bike breaking fun!


Zaxxon & Super Zaxxon

Both very playable despite their limitations

ZaxxonSuper Zaxxon


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Hm, Zaxxon was played in the HSC right before I joined, November 2016 (HSC13 R17). But hey, you won the round back then so it can't be that traumatic to play again, almost four years later.


I suppose not many are left to vote in the poll, at least not among the active players and it would be unfair if the results were shifted around based on passers by voting without the intention of participating.

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Well, we smashed Lode Runner as recently as Feb 2019.


Regarding the tomb games suggested in this poll, obviously Pharaoh's Pyramid (Q*Bert) and Lorien's Tomb (Puzznic) don't belong in the theme. The other five seem OK though, but I think 3 or max 4 games are enough for a round.


Pharaoh's Curse 7.7

Pharaoh's Tomb 8.0 (BASIC game?)

Lost Tomb 7.7

King Tut's Tomb 7.8

Tutankham 6.8 (perhaps the other four are better)

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