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v9t9 Roms


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1 hour ago, pjduplooy said:



Yes, thats what I am after

Here you go, @pjduplooy, had to look a bit, the computer I used to use a lot, had the hard drive pulled and data moved. But I found it on v9t9 on my wife's computer.

cc_mgbank1.bin cc_mgbank2.bin pcode_g0.bin pcode_r0.bin pcode_r1.bin

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Hmm! The original DSR dumps for the CorComp Miller's Graphics Disk Controller are both 8K in length and are spec'ed to fit on a 2764 EPROM in the device but the ones uploaded above are 16K in length. There is a one byte difference code in the cc_mgbank1. bin file above and the original version of bank1 but it is identical to one that "The Great Gazoo" did for me over 20 years ago that eliminated access to DSK4. The files are otherwise identical to the original DSR dumps through the first 8K (1FFF) of the originals. I wonder why the V9T9 dumps need to be twice as big as the originals? What is the contained in the extra 8K at the end of each of the V9T9 files? That also brings into question the P-Code material.

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Here are the direct DSR dumps for the CorComp FDC. The originals are cc_bank1 and cc_bank2. The MG variants are cc_mgbank1 and cc_mgbank2 and cc_mgbank1_knerr removes access to DSK4 (for those of you with a RAMdisk as DSK4). 

cc_bank1.bin cc_bank2.bin cc_mgbank1.bin cc_mgbank1_knerr.bin cc_mgbank2.bin

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I just duped the two mg eproms for the cc disk controller and renamed them to what v9t9 was expecting and they seemed to read and write to v9t9 disk images fine. They will catalog a pc99 disk image(at least the one I tried), but error out on running any programs from that disk image. Atrax's images should be the same.

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Do you use the Java version or the dos version?


There are some parameters to use if you have video output errors (play around with the --client JWT)



@echo off

set VMARGS=-Xmx256M -Dlog4j.configuration="jar:file:%~dp0%/v9t9j.jar!/log4j.properties"

rem set VMARGS=%VMARGS% -Dlog4j.configuration="jar:file:%~dp0%/v9t9j.jar!/debug.properties"

java -version
    @echo Java not installed.  Please install it and try again.
    start http://java.com
) else (
    rem apparently Win7 does not like this format anymore... 
    rem java %VMARGS% -jar "%~dp0%\v9t9j.jar" %*
    java %VMARGS% -jar "%~dp0%\v9t9j.jar" --client SWT


Note there is a hidden feature, if you right click with your mouse on the TI title-screen, you get the options below.



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You can also run the DOS version in windows Dosbox, the dos version had nice tools

 (as it had a tool to dump the roms of the TI-99/4A and also dump a module with the module extender)


and a tool I used a lot called Transfer

(but now I have better methods to transfer between PC and TI).


Here are all the TI emulators I used (takes a while to setup) and the latest of Michael Zapf he made it so much easier to install all TIs (TI99/2, /8, Geneve9640).





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