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New game on cartridge "Adam Is Me" pre-order starts today!


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At the beginning of April, we announced Polish innovative game „Adam Is Me”:




We inform that you can order it from today! The publisher of „Adam” is company Retronics, and authors have prepared a few surprises.


„Adam Is Me” is a logical game with an interesting storyline. Authors did their best to well prepare this game in terms of level preparation, graphics and music. The release was carefully prepared, together by the members of the Agenda, who are also authors of the game, Retronics and the developer of the cartridge, Jakub Husak.


What makes this game so special?


Innovative approach - a combination of two games „Baba Is You” and „Robbo”, with the addition of many new elements of the game.

Interesting storyline - save the world from the virus, going through 64 levels, on 8 planets in a galaxy far away, in search for samples with a remedy.

Mechanics - it's not just „collecting keys” - set your own rules of the game, completely altering the rules on the screen. You can be the key!

High note – authors are proud of high note in issue 60 of Polish Pixel magazine that had reviewed the game, scoring it highly: „Adam Is Me can easily work on its own legend.”

Modern standards - for convenience, authors added save points after finishing each level, the ability to undo moves, and some freedom in passing stages. The difficulty level has been optimized so that the game is not boring, but also not discouraging.

Setting – we put a lot of effort to make good audiovisual elements of the game, introduction, ending, variety etc.

Versatility - the game works in PAL / NTSC systems and will run on any Atari XL/XE computer with 64KB of memory.

Using add-ons - the game uses extra memory (more moves possible to undo) and also works with Rapidus.


There will be two possible versions to buy:


1. Standard version which will include:


- box with cover

- game cartridge (on which player can save the progress)

- combined English and Polish manual (26 pages)

- two cards with a dictionary of the names of items


2. Deluxe version, which will include:


- box with cover

- game cartridge (on which player can save the progress)

- combined English and Polish manual (26 pages)

- two cards with a dictionary of the names of items

- a figure of Adam made of original LEGO bricks, 16 cm high, for self-assembly

- LEGO instruction


The first version in pre-order is available for 49 USD and the version with a LEGO robot for 59 USD. The release is planned on September/October. You can submit pre-orders starting today at zamowienia(at)retronics(dot)eu


The trailer can be found under this link:




And the official website of the game is here:





Adam Is Me box.png

adam lego2.png


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3 hours ago, TrekMD said:

If this works on the XEGS, I'm in.

I'm not sure if the game was tested on XEGS... @michomis - do you have such hardware?

If XEGS is compatible with 800XL/XE (PAL or NTSC) or 130XE, then I assume the game should work (it is fully joystick controlled, no keyboard required), but let me get some more info to make sure that the game will work for you.

Could anyone point me to description of differences of XEGS and other hardware? Are there some differences that should be taken into consideration when writing software for this platform?

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Some more info regarding XEGS - we got a machine running for testing and it seems that there is an issue with the currently prepared cartridge. Similar issue was with "Ridiculous Reality" on XEGS. We will investigate it further but it seems that there are some differences in XEGS hardware from 800XE that may prevent the game from working.


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the XEGS has the XL-OS Rev. 4 to detect e.g. if a keyboard is connected or not and/or if it should start built-in Basic, built-in Missile Command or boot from disk, tape, etc. - see also A8FAQ:

Subject: 1.9) What is the Atari XE game system?



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This game was throughly tested by me on these systems:


800XL NTSC (works ca 5% slower than PAL version)
600XL PAL with 64kB on board


As well as with Rapidus and Ultimate 1MB (also with Qmeg system).

Game also support stereo.


As for XEGS cart works fine when booted with keyboard. Without it, intro can cause problems. For now we found out that not recieving signal on 10 pin of GTIA (triger 2) cause this "problem". Which somehow could be involved with XEGS OS. However, mod can be made to avoid this problem and pretend that keyboard is connected. This way we connect 1k resistor between 13 and 14(15) pin of keyboard input, looking into port itself - and not description on PCB.



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9 hours ago, ilmenit said:

Update: on XEGS the game works when the keyboard is connected. We will further investigate the root cause but if anyone can help, greatly appreciated. It seems to be a "common problem" but not well documented e.g.


Thanks for the reply.  I have the keyboard for mine, so I should be OK, but it would be cool if the issue can be sorted out. 

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10 hours ago, adam242 said:


Is that the case that doesn't fit the 800 or the 1200XL?

So what have I tested:

1. Atari800 with incognito and XL/XE system - game works fine, putting prototype cart can be challenging, but there is no possibility to close lid, so if you do not short switch manually, you cannot turn on computer. I have it shorted on board on my machine, so no problem here.

2. Atari 1200XL - I could not put cart (with case) inside slot with even more force than on Atari 800.

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