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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 14__ROUND 5


(Round Over Monday 8/31/2020) ROUND COMPLETE


Switchblade disponible sur Atari Jaguar ! – Le Mag de MO5.COM




Switchblade (ST Port) 

-Start the game with default settings and play until you get a game over.  Record and post your best score here!

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 



Switchblade Scores:


1. doctor_shred                93,790  +10

2. Hyper_Eye                   91,410  +8

3. masematte                  38,620   +6

4. Machine                       21,300   +4

5. Rick Dangerous            12,450   +2








The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Hyper_Eye                          36

2. machine                              36

3. Masematte                          34

4. Doctor_Shred                      30

5. Rick Dangerous                     8

6. Darrin9999                           6

7. Jblenkle                                3

8. tripled79                               3



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I did fix this.   If you contact Piko they might send you a fixed ROM (Note: NOT a cart)


On a side note, it doesn't hard lock, it just doesn't refresh the screen.  If you can move the cursor (invisibly) to the OK button you can carry on.

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@CyranoJ  Thanks for the info.  I didn't realise there was another way of getting off the enter a name screen once the cursor vanished.  I'll give that a try.


Like Rick, it doesn't bother me now I've remembered it's there.  Just hit end and get on with the next game :)  The only reason I mentioned it here was in case someone lost out on recording a score as, like me, they'd forgotten about it.


Great game BTW.  I'm looking forward to sinking some time into this one.

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Two things that help


1) If you have full health when you fall into the hole at the beginning you can break some bricks to the left and recover your health. There is one heart along the way to the fall to recover your health before falling. If the last enemy before the hole hurts you at all you will lose your first life when you fall.

2) Memorize where the spike traps are. They eat up a lot of health and there's no way to know that they are outside of stepping on them. At least there is no indication that I can tell.

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I am enjoying this game. There are two things that are really annoying though.


1) Fireballs are the worst. Ok they keep going until they hit a wall and they hit all enemies they pass by. Great. The problem is enemies are usually up in your face and you can't attack again while the fireball is still on screen. Terrible weapon. Throwing knives are excellent.

2) I wish there was a way to jump off a ladder.

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