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I'm making a game where a bird drops the ball on top of a wall. I got the ball in after a few hours BUT the ball still goes and draws itself even after it lands on the wall, making it look like this:


It does this no matter whether I try to set ENABL to 0 or not. Not only that, the ball height is only supposed to be 4 pixels tall and not stretched like that. Why is it doing this? What am I doing wrong? (Keep in mind that if you decide to help and download the asm file, it is actually under 1,000 lines. The rest is data.)



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The problem is with setting of VDELBL. The branch to skip setting VDELBL is never taken since you do a clc earlier. I'm not sure what you were going for there, but commenting out the "stx VDELBL" line allows the ball to appear the expected height.


    ; prime ENABL so ball can appear on topmost scanline of Arena
    ; prep ball's Y position for 2LK 
        lda PlayerY+4       ; get the balls's Y position
       ; adc #1              ; add 1 to compensate for priming of ball        
       ; lsr                 ; divide by 2 for the 2LK position
        sta Temp            ; save for position calculations
        bcs NoDelayBL        ; if carry is set we don't need Vertical Delay
        ldx #1              ; preload X for setting VDELPx        
        stx VDELBL          ; carry was clear, so set Vertical Delay



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I want the ball to land on the wall, though. So I commented out that part and set the value to stop it at 4 instead of 5 and I get this:



        lda PlayerY+4
        cmp #4
        beq MMMM

        lda PlayerY+4
        sbc #1                ;     make Ball fall.
        sta PlayerY+4

        lda PlayerY+4
        cmp #4
        bne MMMM



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