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Sega Saturn Slave CPU?


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So I ordered a TerraOnion MODE a few months back and a couple of weeks ago I figured I should have a Saturn to install it in when it got here so I bought one on eBay that would only play audio CDs. I thought it was the drive going bad and since I was going to pull it anyway I bought the cheap broken Saturn.


I received and installed my MODE 3 days ago and it was funky. Played some games but most crashed. I figured it was needing a firmware update since it is new and buggy. I updated it and the whole system went black.


I spent 2+ hours in Discord this morning troubleshooting it with a dev (huge shoutout for the tech support at TerraOnion and specifically "neodev" on Discord!!) and after all that it turns out that the slave CPU in my Saturn is actually the culprit. Is this even worth attempting to replace or should I just get a fully tested and working Saturn and yank the drive?

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