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"Dragonfly" my version of the Atari 7800 SD cartridge


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2 hours ago, rj1307 said:

added BANKSET 2x128k+RAM+POKEY banking scheme used in "Attack of the PETSCII Robots".

Thanks @rj1307 for adding support for Petscii and this bankset scheme - think we are going too see more games coming using it.. Much appreciated 👏👏👏

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I just wanted to also express my thanks for adding in the bankset support and addressing the graphical glitches of the previous update so quickly!


BTW, I've managed to successfully update through windows11 but it did require having to brute force install the USB Blaster drivers. This was done in the old school method of right clicking on the .inf files found for the USB Blaster in the Quartus/drivers section and selecting on the Install option. Windows device mangler...err..manager still shows the USB-Blaster as being not working correctly, but the Quartus software did show it in the hardware section for me to add it and I was able to update the DF without issue at that point.


So while official drivers for the USB-Blaster may not exist for Windows 11 yet by Intel or Altera, it can be made to work under Windows 11 still.



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The 5.5/2.1mm plug that is mentioned in the manual is for the input of the power supply, but not for the output to the console (lower socket).

I guess in the upper socket fits a specific plug with a pin in the center. Maybe similar to plugs which can be found on ac adapters for notebooks?



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Before I fubar things, someone remind me: do I update the AVR first or only after updating the CPLD. The ReadMe says to do the AVR first:



***In the first step, update AVR to v1.09, only then you can update CPLD.***



Just want to verify it's not a mistake or phrasing issue I'm misunderstanding. 


EDIT: Nvm, I did it the way Rafal wrote it - AVR first, then CPLD. Everything went great. The longest time involved was digging out my USB Blaster from the plethora of cables, widgets, programmers and adapters I have around the gameroom, most of which I use once a year at most these days. The of course everything on my Win10 box wanted to update itself since I haven't started it up in months. Anyway ... done.



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I actually update the CPLD first and then the AVR because I'm pretty sure his PDF on this states it in that manner. But either way, the newer AVRs aren't going to work until the CPLD is updated anyway.



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6 hours ago, rj1307 said:

In the last update first AVR then CPLD - AVR must release two address lines first, if it doesn't it will be a conflict between the chips.

So as I did it the other way around...does that mean I need to redo the CPLD update again to make sure? Because again, I updated the CPLD first as that is what we had to do originally to get the 1.08 FW working.



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I finally got around to updating my CPLD and AVR for my DragonFly but I've run into an issue.


- I first updated the dragon.bin AVR file (from Mar 28, 2023 post) by putting it in the root directory of my SD card and turning on the DragonFly, and it updated without a problem.

- I then installed the Quartus II 13.0sp1 64-bit program and it recognized my USB Blaster

- I opened the case to my DragonFly and attached the USB Blaster lead with the red stripe aligned with the 1 on the DragonFly board

- I loaded the dragonfly.pof (from the Feb 19, 2023 post) in the Quartus II programmer, turned on the DragonFly, clicked START and it shows Failed in the program no matter how I position the pins from the USB Blaster in the DragonFly.


The pins are quite loose in the DragonFly board and I try to hold them in several different positions but it immediately comes back with Failed each time I try. I've attached screenshots of the USB Blaster, DragonFly board and Quartus II Programmer Screen below in case there's something obvious I'm missing.


- Do I need to put the DragonFly into a specific menu/mode? Developer Mode?

- Are these pin header too small? They wiggle around and may not be making contact?

- Is there a setting I have wrong in Quartus II?










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2 hours ago, Eagle said:

I had to solder mine.


Thanks Eagle, I've ordered some more size appropriate pin headers and will solder them on if that doesn't work.


2 hours ago, Eagle said:


@ZeroPage Homebrew it’s DF power on?


Yup, I made sure the DF's power was on before I clicked Start.


- James

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