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New text adventure for the TI-99/4A using Infocom's tools


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On 8/29/2020 at 2:12 AM, Torrax said:

Here's the latest XB loader and a conversion of a Z3 game called Adventure (based on the original 1977 version).

The menu format is slightly different -- displays the Title Bar; Game Name; and Interpreter versions.

Looks a lot cleaner with the removal of the game name in the menu options and being displayed just once.

Also the EA5 loader is updated to the latest and removal of the large fonts (dead source disk).

Nice, clean work.  The LOAD program on this disk works properly with a Geneve.  I copied it to the Tristam Island demo disk, updated it to load the TRIS interpreters, and renamed the less-functional version to LOAD-OLD.  @hlabrand I PM'd the image to you for testing and verification.

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Very new here so maybe a stupid / impossible / already answered question: as I do not have a disk drive or disk drive emulation on my original TI-99/4a hardware (yet, saving for a TIPI), but do have a FinalGROM99, is there any way to compile the disk to a cart image?

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Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the release of "Tristam Island", that you can get at the address https://hlabrande.itch.io/tristam-island.

This is the first commercial text adventure on the TI-99/4A in a long while :D


The game will keep you busy for 7-10 hours; it's made in the mold of Infocom's games, but with modern game design, and a lot of work on the parser to ensure a great experience. And there's a hint book, a feelie, and even a splash screen :)


Thank you so much to the community here for their warm welcome and their help. And a huge thank you to @InsaneMultitasker who helped me with the interpreter, and even added the splash screen functionality! I hope you enjoy this brand new text adventure for your favorite computer :D


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7 minutes ago, hlabrand said:

You're welcome Greg!


FYI everyone: I just updated the package, as one of the files for the F18A interpreter was corrupted. Thanks @InsaneMultitasker for noticing and fixing this!!

For reference, one of the disk management tools somehow duplicated a pointer in sector 1.   The pointer to the first F18A interpreter file was no longer found in sector 1, so the TI could not load the file.  Replacing the duplicate pointer with the correct sector number resolved the issue.


Nice work on Tristam Island - great Interactive Fiction addition!!!!

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Hello again,


Digging this thread back up as I am happy to announce that "Tristam Island" will get a physical edition for the TI-99/4A! :)


The gorgeous box is inspired by the design of Infocom's boxed, and in true Infocom tradition, will contain some feelies and goodies on top of the disk. You can pre-order on PolyPlay's website at the following link: https://www.polyplay.xyz/Tristam-Island-TI-99-4A_1


Thank you everyone for your support while making this game!


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