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HSC17 Round 16 Zaxxon vs Super Zaxxon

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11 hours ago, carlsson said:

Zaxxon - 15150 pts

Super Zaxxon - 9200 pts


I'm starting to get a feel of these two games, but not spending enough time to produce any competitive scores.


Yes I've played both most days for a few goes and it helps, learn a safe route and stick to it.

Zaxxon 63,150

Super Z 60,450 69,500 now I'm getting 3x1000s for the dragon on some goes, can he be destoyed?

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Round 17 Poll OPEN :!:


first tables

HSC Points

  1st   therealbountybob                20  12pts
  2nd   graywest                         18  11pts
  3rd   carlsson                           13  10pts
  4th   RedThunder                     11  9pts*

  5th   roadrunner                       11  8pts*
  6th   jblenkle                           11  7pts*
  7th   mimo                               9  6pts
  8th   MagicMarc-er                    6  5pts
  9th   McKong                            5  4pts

*tied places split by total scores from both games


  1st   therealbountybob            63,150    10
  2nd   graywest                      19,350     9
  3rd   RedThunder                   17,400     8
  4th   carlsson                        15,100     7
  5th   MagicMarc-er                 12,950     6
  6th   mimo                             12,550     5
  7th   jblenkle                           9,500     4
  8th   roadrunner                      8,400     3

Super Zaxxon
  1st   therealbountybob            69,500    10
  2nd   graywest                      22,400     9
  3rd   roadrunner                     12,550     8
  4th   jblenkle                           9,450     7
  5th   carlsson                          9,200     6
  6th   McKong                           7,350     5
  7th   mimo                              4,250     4
  8th   RedThunder                     3,850     3


Round 17 Poll OPEN :!:

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19 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

Yes I've played both most days for a few goes and it helps, learn a safe route and stick to it.

Zaxxon 63,150

Super Z 60,450 69,500 now I'm getting 3x1000s for the dragon on some goes, can he be destoyed?

I've found that you need to be pretty high (around one line below the top of the altitude gauge) to hit the dragon before he shoots his fireball. If you're at the right height, he seems to "jerk" when he's hit. Hit him 3 times, he disappears, and you get 1000 points. I think there are actually 3 dragons that you can destroy (same as what happens in the arcade version), one after another, which explains the 3x1000s you're seeing. 


I've made some improvement, but still nowhere near TRBB's scores. ?


Regular ol' Zaxxon: 36,000



Super Zaxxon Bros.: 43,650


Edited by graywest
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After being away on vacation I played a lot more Mario Kart with my kids than Atari during the holidays....just realized that I missed quite a number of rounds.


Zaxxon a measly 6350, always got caught at the space stage.

Super Zaxxon 3250.



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On 8/28/2020 at 3:31 AM, Raul said:

Zaxxon: 22100 around my 10th game


Welcome Raul :thumbsup:


Great artwork RT (as usual) :thumbsup:


On 8/23/2020 at 4:27 PM, therealbountybob said:

Round 17 Poll OPEN :!:

Still time for votes, reminder Round ends Sunday 30th August around 10am UK time!

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Zaxx off :-D OK guys I did have a couple more goes on Zaxxon this morning so which is better? I think Zaxxon takes it, more difficult but has the learning curve and is challenging. I was looking forward to a shoot out but was working away the 2nd week so didn't get chance to battle it out with RT on Zaxxon again, next time... Anyway this is not all about me WHAT?!!! So thanks for playing everyone and congratulations to graywest for 2nd place on the podium and RedThunder took 3rd place :thumbsup:


final tables

HSC Points

  1st   therealbountybob              23  12pts
  2nd   graywest                        21  11pts
  3rd   RedThunder                     21  10pts
  4th   Gury                              14  9pts
  5th   carlsson                         12  8pts*
  6th   roadrunner                      12  7pts*
  7th   McKong                          12  6pts*
  8th   MagicMarc-er                  10  5pts*

  9th   jblenkle                          10  4pts*
 10th   Raul                               9  3pts
 11th   mimo                             8  2pts
 12th   slx                                3  2pts

*tied places split by total scores from both games



  1st   RedThunder                   77,700    12
  2nd   therealbountybob        63,150    11
  3rd   graywest                    36,000    10
  4th   Raul                           22,100     9
  5th   Gury                          18,200     8
  6th   carlsson                     15,100     7
  7th   MagicMarc-er              12,950     6
  8th   mimo                         12,550     5
  9th   McKong                       9,600     4
 10th   jblenkle                      9,500     3
 11th   roadrunner                  8,400     2
 12th   slx                            6,350     1


Super Zaxxon

  1st   therealbountybob           81,950    12
  2nd   graywest                     43,650    11
  3rd   roadrunner                    12,550    10
  4th   RedThunder                  11,700     9
  5th   McKong                       11,000     8
  6th   jblenkle                         9,450     7
  7th   Gury                             9,400     6
  8th   carlsson                        9,200     5
  9th   MagicMarc-er                 6,800     4
 10th   mimo                            4,250     3
 11th   slx                               3,250     2

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Zaxxon. One of my favourite games. Top five for me on any platform. Dont like the space sections that much, but the trench section I could fly along all day. So quick and smooth.


Super Zaxxon, slow and muddy as Carlson has said....should be reported to Trading Standards with super in the title.


Zaxxon will always be the winner.


Might fire a MAME version see what the arcade version was like.


Great round, wish I could of got a bit more time Zaxxon.



PS Where are your coloured in Zaxxon posters guys ;)  MS Paint still rocks you know :)






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A very quick video I slung together.


Features a later level and a brief glimpse of the sudden speed increase after the Zaxxon kill.


Top Tip.

Dont forget the fuel, actully just keep hitting the fuel and nothing else later in the game.


Make a note of the brick courses in the wall then adjust with the height bar on the left hand side. It does become instictive after a while ?



Edited by RedThunder
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