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First word on AGE


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*yawn* Well, MMF and I are FINALLY home from AGE. We just walked in the door of our apartment about 15-20 minutes ago. We had planned to leave Austin around 7:30-8am. However, MMF caught a NASTY cold and snored all night, so we ended up sleeping in a little longer than planned. We left Austin about 10am. A mere 14 hours later, and we are home in Omaha, NE.


I wish we could have gone bowling with everyone else - sounds like you all had a great time! :)


We are planning to spend a couple extra days at AGE 2 - and hopefully next year we will FLY there, because after this roadtrip - I am in NO hurry to go on another one of this magnitude. Although, we did see some nice countryside on the drive back during daylight. Southern Oklahoma has some really nice scenery!


Anyways, I'm off to bed now - I've got to be up by 7am in order to get to work on time and functioning! Will post more later! :)

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The long awaited, as promised photos:


Alex is either excited or freaked out

They had working demos of GBA Activision Anthology

The pinball arcade WAS impressive

Mrs. MMF snagged the DESI hat

Nobody sneaks by Kelly's look of DOOOOM!

I felt bad for those 3 unloved Asteroids


These guys play DDR to +WIN+

A nice SNES kiosk

Honestly, I never even stopped here

One of our many vendors

Fa Shizzle Dizzle!

The A.G.E. Museum (a.k.a. Goodwill Computers on Research Blvd.)


Goodwill jokes or not, the museum was HELLA impressive

Historically important, but not very stylish

How I wish Atari had stuck to their guns

I feel smarter just looking at it - don't you?

The Mrs. tries out Homestar Runner RPG (30% done folks, so don't get crazy go nuts)

The Earth Died Screaming right here

Really Pricey Gum?

Bounce wit me, bounce wit me - ge-ge-geah!

These guys might have had TOO much fun

And in Munich, I found a copy of Motorodeo..

Williams multicade, Pole Position, Major Havoc (right to left)

From the other side - a MAME cab and Major Havoc (left to right)

Behold the power of cheese; err, networked gaming!

I'll save you Kimmie!

No way Cassidy! This one's MINE!

That Guantlet froze a lot :(

A corner pinball shot after the DDR crowd died down

Can G.W. lend me $2700 as a tax refund?

Or maybe at least $2300?

I got a polite "sorry not for sale" when I asked

This again?

Chopper style!

Their drink specials need some work!


The last photo here is the start of the Sunday night AGE post-show feast. More photos of that to come soon. :D

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Don't ask...



(not Pocky)


I still think you could change your custom status to "master of Pocky-type" or "ultimate Pocky-type collector." :D


Seriously, with the collection of Atari stuff you have, your nickname could be "monkey pee stupid doo-doo head brain guy" and I'd still be jealous of you. Plus it was hella cool to see you in person. If I didn't get a chance to tell you Sunday night, even though I've said it to you before on AA, your site's the shiznit. 8)

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"POCKY?!?!" Ugh, do you mean those Japanese cracker/cookie sticks dipped in flavor? Oh man, I got sooooooo sick eating those things once (those, and those little dried peas covered in sugar). Can't even think of eating those now. Blargghh.  :sad:


Hrmmmm....sounds like you and TemPocky have had a similar experience! :)

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What a great show! Had a blast. Too bad I didn't stay longer in Austin. Oh, there's always next year. 8)


It was great to meet and hang out with everyone. :D And great to see the show exceeded expectations. :thumbsup:


I'll post in more detail later. I've got so much more to say but so much going on at work right now. :sad:

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Come on, you'll have to do better then that Matt...



We've all known for years you pad your bra with stolen coasters that you've collected during your travels, there's nothing questionable there! ;-)


(ummmm.... now remember, that was done in jest, I don't want to get my stuff back and find that all the boxes are rattling just a little too much before I open them Matt :-)









Wait... still no photo's of Matt in some kind of questionable pose. Its not a expo without a post photo layout that includes at least 1 questionable pose photo of Matt!  


You don't call THIS questionable?






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I finally have some down time from my crazy week (today was our release date for our application), so I wanted to post my experience at AGE.


I got there about 5 til 10 am, and what I saw at the door took me by surprise. There was a huge huge line wrapping all the way around the lobby of the Marriott. I saw the line and couldn't believe that it was possibly for AGE, but I was wrong---it WAS the line for registration for AGE and it was nuts. :D I hurried my way to the desk where I helped with the registration process for numerous hours with Christine (friend of Todd Rogers I believe), Michelle (MrsMMF) and Alex's parents, who were there ALL DAY. At first it was mass insanity at the registration table, but we quickly got order out of chaos and the line started going a lot faster. I saw all kinds of people at the show: kids, teenagers, college kids, parents, old school gamers, etc. A great great mix of people definitely made the show fun.


I ended up rotating duties between the registration desk, door security, the AGE table, the AA table, and just walking around taking photos of all the activity going on. It was definitely a blast walking around and seeing a full house at the Expo!!! :D :D It was just so neat to walk to one end and see a mass of people playing DDR, and at the other end seeing the AGE museum. This was my kind of show, because I am not a hardcore old school gamer only. I like a healthy mix of old AND new stuff, so this kind of offering was to my liking. If it's all classic stuff it just kind of bores me. People were having a blast playing on all the free-play machines, and attendees were winning freebies throughout the day. I mean GOOD stuff like a free Collector's Edition of Warcraft, the Video Game Bible, Gamecube games, a NeoGeo bundle, optical laptop mice, etc.


I didn't get to spend much time playing on any of the machines at all, but I had a lot of fun just meeting new faces (Mark DiLuciano, Joe Grand, Dale Crum, Billy Eno, Michelle and Steve, Mike, Matt) and seeing familiar faces from the AA board (Kelly, Tim). I also had a blast getting feedback from attendees. When I was working door security I'd chat with people coming in and out and ask them if they were having a good time, and people were responding with enthusiastic comments like "I'm having a GREAT time!!" and "This is fantastic!" and "How often do you guys do this show? Twice a year?" and "Are you guys coming back next year?"


Next year it'll be an even better show. More room (you can bet your booty on that!), more vendors, more trading, and more freebies. :D :D :D We learned a LOT from this first show, and I have to say in retrospect that we did not do a bad job with this first show at all. Thanks to everyone who made this show fun and a great success!!! Hopefully people can stay next year for longer so that we can all have more time to hang out in Austin. I look forward to seeing old and new faces next year. Til then, start saving up b/c you do not want to miss out. :P :D :D



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