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Guncon 2 oopsie a question to get a part


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I doubt its component reference for the capacitor is S9, if you are getting that from the silk screen text either side of the component, I believe that text is actually indicating the S(ource) & G(ate) pins of what looks like a transistor (Q10?) immediately below it.

Also component references are not usually split either side of a component, i.e. reference U6 would be written as such not U[component]6 and Capacitors references are usually begin with a C, looking at the images I believe the component is C26 (written slightly above and left with a line linking the text to the component).


Finally, it is clear from the images that the solder pad for C26 that is on the right has come away from the PCB and can be visible seen to be still soldered to the capacitor. So you when replacing the capacitor you will first need to solder one end to the remaining pad to hold it in place, then solder a piece of wire from the other end of the capacitor to where it is meant to go due to the pad being removed. 

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Found another PCB image online and from that it looks like the capacitor is connected across the Source & Gate junctions of Q10.

The problem with surface mount chip capacitors is it is not always easy to tell what they are made of or what value it is unless it is written on them, neither of which you can be certain of without a schematic diagram & associated parts list.

Personally, I think it will probably be a small 0.1uF (100nF) ceramic decoupling capacitor which you should be able to get from most electronic component retailers (i.e. mouser, Newark, Farnell, RS) but you will need to measure it to get one the correct physical package size, to me it looks like it will be an 804.


Maybe before you buy one you should try the controller as it may work well enough without it. 

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