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Now You're Playing With POWER! - JAGPOWAH!!!

Clint Thompson

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Download JAGPOWAH! PLAY! Here! -----------> JagPowah!.zip <-------------

About this program:

JAGPOWAH! PLAY! is a 1MB ROM Lottery Number Generator for the Atari Jaguar and is distributed free of charge. This ROM is compatible for use on both a Skunkboard and the Jaguar GameDrive, with an included MRQ file. It will also work on Virtual Jaguar but is not ideal and as always, looks best on a CRT!



C – Clear Recent Drawings

B – Draw Numbers

A – Display Recent 5 Drawings (these will automatically overlap unless cleared or you change the region)


PAUSE – Info about JAGPOWAH! Play!

OPTIONS – Region select and Draw speeds.


UP/RIGHT/LEFT/DOWN – Exit screensaver mode

Additional details regarding the creation of this program:

While this is a non-traditional program for a game console, it has been something I wanted to create for a long time now and felt like it would be fun to throw together in a matter of a few days (over the weekend) but ended up taking a few extra days to complete, because my OCD kicked in and I wanted everything to align up just right.


I woke up one morning with the thought of finally making this and after lying in bed for about 25-minutes, mentally piecing together how I could write the program, decided then was the time to get up and get to it. 15-hours later, it was time to put it down with hopes of finishing up the remaining bits the day after. Of course feature creep set in, like additional regions and fine tuning the self-centering text for the balls, as well as throwing together the intro title screen, creating the sounds, etc.


It was kind of a throwback to the basic programming days, like the lottery programs you would punch into your Atari, Commodore or other 8-bit computers, only I wanted to make it a tad fancier, more than just a simple text line display. Feel like I succeeded in what I'd originally set out to do and so, JAGPOWAH! PLAY! was born, which is of course a play on words over the mockery about the Jaguar's (or lack thereof) capabilities., not that anyone wouldn't have noticed without my mentioning it  ; - )


For what should have been such a simple program, or is rather, it sure took a lot of time to put together. Half of that time probably dedicated to trial and error. It isn't something you can just copy and paste over from an 80s basic book either, despite the name of the program used to create it with (RAPTOR Basic+), as it required coding everything from scratch and working out how to randomize, store, and sort the numbers, all the while not having duplicate numbers pop out and following rules setup for the different regions. If all of that sounds exciting (not actually), imagine the fun of text placement and random Jaguar glitches where the screen would fizzle out into an RF scramble because something wasn't setup correctly (generally my fault) or if the Jaguar wasn't given a proper delay after a function, would then flip out in the way of bizarre abnormalities.


Anyways, it actually was fun to put together. I hope some of you download, use and enjoy it! As best said by Skylar: Good Luck! Shout out to Peter for assisting with the German Lotto specifics and Rees for JagGD ROM and MRQ testing/verification.

Just for fun and to help increase program use/interaction, I'm making available a single JagSwagPack #1 to the first person (aka. One Lucky Winner!) who can figure out how to enable “super” turbo draw and to be the first one here to post how to do it. (I've made it kind of easy to figure out I think, as it should take less than a minute to stumble upon with enough fumbling, but I guess we'll see how long it takes...)


JagSwagPack #1 consists of the following 6 Super Cool items:

2 Holographic Jaguar Logo Stickers (you know, so you'll actually use one of them!)

1 JagClaw Coaster for your drinks! (self destructs after 90-days, you have no choice but to use it!)

1 Super Cool Holographic Jaguar “Pouncing” Sticker (this one is worth saving)

1 JagClaw Sticker (perfect application to any vehicle or computer case)

The 1 (and only) Faux JAGPOWAH! Play! Lottery Slip (as seen in the faux promo ad above)


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1 hour ago, BitJag said:

I believe this is how to enable Super Turbo Draw.


Press Option to go into menu, press 4 on the number pad to turn on Turbo Draw, then press 8 on the number pad to enable Super Turbo Draw.


A Winner Is You! Wasn't expecting it to take very long but that was pretty quick. ?


I'll send a PM to get your JagSwag Pack sent out to you!

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On 8/20/2020 at 11:21 AM, Rick Dangerous said:



If i could actually get my Skunkboard to work on Windows 10 i'd be all over this.  Sadly i never have been able to. 


Don't have the game-drive yet but bookmarking this for when i do!

I'll send you a PM.


On 8/20/2020 at 11:24 AM, tripled79 said:

Still waiting for my Jag GD...

Do you happen to have a JagCD?


1 hour ago, nicolaspersijn said:

I loves this. 

Thanks for checking it out Nick!

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On 8/21/2020 at 7:11 PM, Sauron said:

This is pretty cool! If I win the lottery with this, I promise I'll share half of it with you...well, after tax deductions + additional expenses, of course. 

Thanks Sauron, I look forward to you winning big! ;-)


On 8/21/2020 at 9:55 PM, tripled79 said:

Does this work on Jag CD?

The ROM posted above is only for Skunk/JagGD but this CD image will work if you burn it using ImgBurn: JagPowahCD.zip

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5 hours ago, Clint Thompson said:

Thanks Sauron, I look forward to you winning big! ;-)


The ROM posted above is only for Skunk/JagGD but this CD image will work if you burn it using ImgBurn: JagPowahCD.zip

Hmm... I only have access to Apple computers at the moment. Could I burn it with Roxio's Toast for example?

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9 minutes ago, tripled79 said:

Hmm... I only have access to Apple computers at the moment. Could I burn it with Roxio's Toast for example?

I'm not sure honestly, I haven't used Toast in like 15 years and remember it being weird with burning multi-session discs back then, requiring manual session writing/closing but they may have advanced the software by now. Crazy to think I paid $99 for that software back then and it couldn't even copy a JagCD whereas the included Nero software with a PC burner worked just fine.

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The internet sez Toast supports these file formats these days:


Disc Images: ISO, BIN/CUE, IMG, DMG, CDR, NRG.

I don't know if IMG refers to the Mac OS disk image format or the imgburn one, nor whether it deals with multisession images in any of those formats.

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19 hours ago, PeterG said:

If anyone wins the lottery with this it would be rather funny. Maybe I should try next Wednesday.:D

While I love this release, I've never bought a lotto ticket, and don't plan to.  I've often been tempted, and this release is tempting me again, but Jag fans in particular should know the odds; we know how to Do The Math!

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