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Sega Game Gear Front Shell Variant


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I found a variant of the Sega Game Gear front shell that I've never seen before. There are factory molded "holes" or notches on the left side of the d-pad. At first I thought these were cracks or other wear, but after seeing a few other GGs that had the same thing and opening it up, it's clearly intentional. Out of about 100 GGs I've gone through, I've encountered about 8 of these. The d-pad is not different from any other GG and I have no idea why they would do this. Does anyone have one of these and does anyone have any idea why they would do this? It doesn't appear to affect the usage of the d-pad in any way (good or bad)..









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Hmm...I have checked a few of my Game Gears and about half of them has a one or more cracks on the left side of the D-PAD. I always assumed that these were dropped but it could have happened during normal use.


I have one where the plastic is chipped on the same spots as in your picture but I am sure in my case it is not intended as it has rough edges.

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