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ST Ports 4.2 Beast Syndrome


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It's that time again! Here are the next entry into the ST ports library


So the new games are Alien Syndrome and Beast Busters two fantastic additions to the library.


As usual the games are available either in cartridge only form at £36 or boxed complete for £50. The games as usual are available in either clear or red cartridge shells for an extra £5 per game.


To pre-order your copy please send an email titled Beast Syndrome to peleiades81@gmail.com stating your Paypal address, the games that you would like to pre-order, your country of residence and your AA handle.


So, while I have you here, due to the recent price increase here in the UK for items shipped to the USA I would like to try and save you some pennies. SO, if you have a copy of Wormhole on order I can offer to ship the box set with your order to save on the extra postage. I will receive the manuals tomorrow so will post a picture here. The box set will include an insert, the manual of course a box and a replacement label for the cart. Now, I know that some will want to keep the label that comes on the cart, so I will also offer a new green cart for an extra £5. The box set is priced at £12 or £17 with the new cart. Please let me know if you would like added to your order.


So, as I mentioned box sets we now have a bunch of new box sets on the etsy store, for games that have been sold as cart only previously. A few are seen in the picture below, along with an official box set for the Jaguar SD for those who were lucky enough to get one before the name change. The GD box is aimed at those who have already got their cart. I can reduce the prices on etsy if you add any of these to your ST ports order, as I will save on all the associated fees on there. Here is a link to the shop PeleiadesGames


The pre-order will stay open until midnight 30th September. The aim then is to get these all shipped out before the UK stops being part of the EU!


Thank you for your time & please stay safe!

Beast Syndrome.JPG

Box Sets August 2020.JPG

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16 hours ago, Machine said:


You inbox is full. I want to send you a message about my etsy order(s). Also, do you have the Iron Soldier Boxed set still?


I don't have any iron soldier beta box sets, but if you want one I will get some boxes printed with these ST ports.

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