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What's in the box?


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In honor of my return, I have decided to hold a contest (something I actually swore off last year).


I have a box of carts sitting here. In this box there are 36 carts. The carts range in rarity from 1-6. The person who FIRST correctly names a cart in the box will win that cart. Simple enough?


If not, here is a break down of the rules:


1. Each player gets (1) guess.

2. Significant label variations MUST be identified (for example, text label Combat must be named as such if you want to win it). Significant label variations are only those that are overly obvious (ie Sears text, Sears picture, M-Network White, M-Network Blue, etc)

3. The FIRST person to correctly identify a cart wins, and the contest is over.

4. No eating or drinking in the store.

5. I pay shipping and will contact you via PM if and when you win.

6. You must submit your guess HERE, do not PM or e-mail me.

7. All submissions are property of Stan and Stanco Interprises.

8. Say no to drugs.

9. If you have questions, this contest is too hard for you, please try one of the other fine contests in this forum.

10. I like pizza.





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