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Comlynx Game Preview - Lynx Blast


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Let me share some game preview/demo which (for obvious reasons) did not make it into the Lynx 2020 Programming Compo. The game is fully playable with comlynx, but restricted in several places (again for obvious reasons).

With the current situation, it was impossible to do any large-scale testing, thus I cannot guarantee that it works for more than 5 players.

The available game settings are chosen a bit on the not-too-much entertaining side. Two modes are single shot games with too much items at the beginning, thus cleaning up should be very fast. They differ in the way the extras affect the players. The second two modes differ in the same way, but have a much lower drop rate and (close to) unlimited lifes, thus one can build up an inventory and play a longer time (well, I wont call it a beta testing mode, but anyway).


The full version might become available later this year if the situation allows.


The differences between the full version and the demo version

  • More background graphic sets
  • More playfields
  • More possibilities for configuring the game
    • game mode: win points, best of n games etc
    • start items and lifes
    • item drop rates
    • switching on/off for any extra, configurable if it affects all players or only you or all others
    • loading/saving config from/to eeprom
  • no slide show ;-)
  • bug fixes for anything found in the next weeks
  • ... some things I forgot ...
  • Packaging and cartridge ?


Even so this should be completely clear, let me remind you that is is strictly forbidden so sell this ROM in any way (in electronic form or on cartridge).


Lynx Blast Demo 2020.zip

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21 hours ago, sage said:

Two "in action" videos from another thread I posted some weeks ago. Sorry for bad quality, but I have not figured out what is the best way to record videos from the original screen ?



I'm going to load the demo to get a good look at the game.  Unfortunately those old OEM passive matrix screens don't let you see much more than a harsh white glare in these videos.

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On 9/8/2020 at 9:29 AM, Igor said:

there was never an official release.

thats just an old tech demo in C, missing any comlynx support.

but in a way yes, as I borrowed a lot of the code structure into assembler... (for speed reasons)

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  • 6 months later...

Thanks to the pandemic, i was not able to proper test it with large number of "real" players ? . But finally, I now turned back to the lynx emulator development. Now it supports proper comlynx for 8 players (maybe more).




(including some nice debugging features). Due to this I was now able to squash the last know bug which i was hunting for half a year (as it only happens with comlynx games).



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Before you ask:

the emulator mod is not yet for public yet. It needs careful tuning of the timing between instances, even depending on the game (better, the comlynx code).

While Bikini Volleyball was easy even with 4 players (due to completely different comlynx code), most other games were much harder to get working. Most games based on original redeye code run reliable when tuned, even with 6 (Checkered Flag) or more players. California games (which uses some preliminary redeye code) did not want to work with more than 2 instances ?



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25 minutes ago, sage said:

let me phrase it like this:

adding different input methods, joysticks, pads, keyboard and make them configurable, is extremely boring shitty utility code writing, unpaid and no fame.

They deserve more recognition, especially tools programmers. Good tools make better games!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just out of curiosity. Is the game round-robin broadcasting the joystick byte to all Lynx units during every time-frame? And all Lynx units run identical code for the game logic?


So basically you have to receive 7 bytes and send 1 byte when it is your turn?

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