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Intellivision II graphics problem


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Hello all,


I purchased an Intellivision II a while back, and while the seller said it was tested and working fine, any game I put in it displays virtual bars on most of the graphics. I've since purchased another Intellivision II and all the games work fine on the one.  Back to the issue, the load screen is always perfect if it is the normal Intellivision title screen, but once it starts the vertical blocks come in:





Now, I did look through any previous topics that were on the forum and saw that people have said if the text is fine then the GROM chip should be good.  I have checked the board and looks in decent shape considering this thing is pushing 40.  Traces, caps, resistors, solder points all look good.  So before I start buying any chips/donor boards I can find out on the interwebs I thought I'd post this and give it a shot.  Please let me know if you have any recommendations on which chips I should focus on replacing or any info.  Thank you so much in advance!!



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