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Beat THRUST contest! (FINISHED!)

Thomas Jentzsch

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bjk7382, Did you ever look into getting that tape converted to the PC?

Maybe you could break it up into 4 parts?

Would be very interested in seeing that.


Well I tried to capture it with my video card and the quality was horrible from the tape. So I guess I am going to have to try to play it on an emulator and beat it again. I have beat the game 3 times now so it isn't a problem beating it, it is just capturing it. (never recorded anything with z26 or pcae) I will play around with it and see what I can come up with.

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Any progress on getting a taped play through of Thrust+?

I don't want to see the ending, just to observe how you negotiate out of certain areas with the pod attached.  :)


Well the emulator is a dead end, there is no way I can beat it on the choppy pcae.


So I guess I am going to try to get a head cleaner for my vcr, and get a good brand tape so I can get a quality recording to capture with my tv card.


If anyone has any other ideas on how I could get this video from my 2600 into my computer, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Okay, I have the video! But there are a couple problems that I face now. The mpeg file is HUGE, it is 606 meg! And I had my brother copy it, and he only put it in one movie file. The reason it is so big is because it was being copied from a VHS tape and the quality had to be on the best possible. The quality of the movie file is still suppar, but very watchable, considering it came from a crappy vhs recorder.


I think I am going to need to get a movie splitter anyway because the final screen is still in the movie. I don't think Thomas wants me sharing the final screen. :ponder:


If it dosn't matter I will leave it in there. It isn't like people could take pictures of this video to prove for a patch. The quality is low enough to where you would be able to tell. ;)


Also when copying the movie the flicker got taken out somehow. :D So the tractor beam is rarely seen in the video, and the first 3 missions are in black and white for some reason. :|


My only two ideas for sharing the video is to get myself an FTP server and have someone that wants to host it download it and share it. Or I could send the cd to Albert and he could host it on AA. But I don't know if people want to be hosting a file this large.

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