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I've managed to get my STE more or less fully working, still a few niggles with a GOEX, but now

that I can access the floppy and hard drive, I've noticed the date is obviously pre-year 2000, I don't have

a clock module, but don't mind setting it manually until I get something battery backed,

even so, the date displayed is incorrect.


My question, is there an autoboot program that can override the default clock format and write

correct date/time stamps to files when they are saved or written to.


I've noticed when using STEEM, the clock is set correctly, but this might just be something STEEM is doing.


I've just upgraded to TOS 2.06.

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On 9/5/2020 at 12:20 PM, TGB1718 said:

Many thanks, have downloaded and will install tomorrow

Was that your fix?


I have an STE that is doing the same thing..  


It is not HOLDING a Date.. I can set it to todays date. 09/02/23 - It will be there for 2-3 maybe even 4 accesses of the control panel but it will eventually change to /28


I am using a COSMOSEX to get the NPT time from the internet and set the clock.. EVERYTHING sets fine except when I go to panel the first time it is /28  not /23 - I can change it to 23 - then the above happens.


Anyone with an idea whats going on here?? Every else SEEMS to be working fine with this STE (IT is new to me)



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Normally, you can set the date in the Control panel and even without a battery backed RTC,

it will stay there unless you power off. I've never had to use any Y2K patch for this... Maybe

I'm missing something here?


Not sure why it would be doing anything else.


I use the RTC's  in my Mega ST4 and Mega STe, and just use the built-in RTC from the Ultrasatan

in my STacy. Works great.


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