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Atari Lynx full set 72 games, new unopened


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On 9/12/2020 at 9:52 AM, high voltage said:

Weird, I see other Telegames titles, and Battle Wheels (Beyond Software), Robotron (Shadowsoft).

But still, nice collection

Yes, those games were released by other companies, but they were published during Lynx's commercial life and were officially sanctioned by Atari. Bubble Trouble, Fat Bobby and Raiden were released AFTER Lynx's commercial life and their final releases were never approved by Atari, because there was no Atari to approve anything anymore by that time.


If anything I would object to Krazy Ace in that listing, as it was never released in the form of an official curved lip cart until two years ago, when Telegame decided to produce a batch of newly minted curved lip carts. Up until then all releases of Krazy Ace had been green PCBs with bulky EEPROMs mounted on them. Atari would have never allowed Telegames to release the game that way. I don't even understand why Telegames put the Atari Lynx Official Seal of Quality on the Krazy Ace box, as it was absolutely impossible for Krazy Ace to have passed any sort of official QA testing.

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