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*SOLD OUT* Genesis to 7800 Power port adapter cable $15 shipped


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This is a simple adapter that plugs into your 7800's normal power port on the back and provides you with a more standard barrel jack on the end allowing you to use a Genesis model 1 1602, Master system, Jaguar power supply or any power supply that provides 9v @ 1amp or more current with center negative polarity designed to fit in a barrel jack 2.1mm x 5mm diameter size.


Below is a link to see one of these in use.



These measure roughly 1ft in length and the colors of the plugs aren't important and was just whatever shrink tubing I had laying around. I also made two shorter 6 inch adapter versions but as the same materials are bought to make them, they are the same price.


I'm currently Sold out of these at this time!


Price is $15 shipped via 1st class parcel in a padded envelope to the lower 48 States. I can ship via priority for more if wanted. Just send me a PM.




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18 hours ago, mksmith said:

Great idea @-^CrossBow^-! Do the ends come from old 7800 power supplies?



I purchased them online from a source that bought up several hundred old charger devices that just happen to use the exact same cable end that the 7800 uses. So these weren't from old 7800 PSUs.


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On 12/13/2022 at 12:42 PM, stringfellow said:

Any chance of you having more? I am trying to find a 7800 power supply and they are hard to come by or overpriced.

I'm afraid not and I have't a source for any more of the 7800 PSU ends to be able to make more. Console5 was the source for the ones I build originally as at the time they had several hundred of those ends available. But about a month after I sold through the first batch, someone bought out their remaining stock it would seem.


My guess, is that Best Electronics bought them and that are what is being used in their new 7800 PSUs they sell. It was either them or the guys in Germany that I saw started selling the exact same thing I was only it was a little nicer looking and in much better packaging of course, but I don't think they have them anymore.


That said, there are some options. If you can find an old non working 7800 PSU then something like this adapter cable can be made from it, or you can cut and splice the wiring from a Genesis or similar spec'd PSU and create one that way. I have a PSU I did this with in fact that I use for 7800s in testing. The Best Electronics PSU isn't that terribly priced and from what I've heard from others they seem to be excellent replacements. But I've held one or used one of them myself. Here is the page talking about the 7800 PSUs... But...

https://www.best-electronics-ca.com/New Best 7800 Power supply.htm


Finally near the end of that page of mostly history in how they developed this and why... you will find the actual PN and current price listing for their new replacements. Here is that info...


Part No. CA025492-303   Model No. CX781  U$D 21.00


I would call them during their listed opening hours to get the current pricing and to make sure they have them available. They have a minimum order amount so you might have to peruse a bit to find other stuff to order to meet that.


The more involved but more permanent option would be to get the console itself modified slightly so that is has a barrel jack DC setup vs the 2 prong it uses. This way, a more universal supply of the right specs and polarity could be used.


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