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Missile Command Disassembly


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Hi there,


This was one of my first 3 VCS games I received as a birthday gift before receiving my VCS the following Christmas.


I loved this game! I thought it was close to the arcade experience at home even if it only had one missile base. BTW, did you know there is an "extra" IBM at the end of each wave? You can score points for it if you're fast enough. I use to do this all the time as a kid when I discovered it. Now I can trace the code and see why it happens :)



The "extra" IBM can be scored if you launch an ABM at the start of the last IBM on the screen and destroy the last IBM before the top explosion disappears.


The code utilizes Bresenham's line algorithm. My labeling of it may make a mathematician or engineer cringe.


Missile Command Disassembly

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