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TI BASIC/TI EXTENDED BASIC Games that are worth to be compiled...


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2 hours ago, Elia Spallanzani fdt said:

Looks nice. It could be translated into English, it's just a few sentences.


Sure, the original source with all the strings is available on the link on TI99IUC site, so if someone is able to provide a good translation (... no Google Translate, please! ? ) I'll compile and prepare the two languages SSS. It's better to change directly the TI BASIC code and test it to ensure that all the strings match the screen restrictions of the screen. Note that the author has used a kind of DISPLAY AT using CALL HCHAR, so all the FOR loops for the printing routines have to be checked (eg. line 1970, 2065, etc.)



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Before preparing the MegaPack with the 400 compiled games, since Halloween is coming, just a compiled game for the event:


- Night of the Living Dead: description on TI99IUC page (Night of the Living Dead);



[GAME] Night of the Living Dead (1984)(John Behnke)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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Two games today:


- Snailman: an interesting strategy game. Description on Ti99IUC (Snailman);


- Othello: another version, from Italy (from Ti99NewSoft Magazine). It uses joystick to move. Description on Ti99IUC (Othello).


If someone on AA has the Snailman 2 game, please, post the file here. Thx.




Total compiled games: 407.

[GAME] Othello TI99NewSoft (1984)(Alberto Strafile)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] SnailMan (1983)(Barrie Clark)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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*                         MEGA PACK V4.0.0                              *



All the games (409) in one .zip archive, with scripts to rename for FinalGROM (I've only tested the Windows script, not the Un*x counterpart).

This pack replaces the previous .zip (some of the games in the previous archives received an update and are included in this new pack).




*** Have Fun with your TI99! ***

TI99_Compiled_Games_MEGA_Pack_V4.0.0_by_TMOP.zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.6.0.xlsx

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New games:


- Stanley Snake: read the description on TI99IUC page (Stanley Snake);


- Squares: a strategic, snake-like, game for 1 or 2 players. Press N to restart to title. There is also C for cheats. Description on TI99IUC (Squares);




Total compiled games: 411.

[GAME] Squares (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Stanley Snake (1986)(Tony Smith)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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