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TI BASIC/TI EXTENDED BASIC Games that are worth to be compiled...


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Two new compiled games. These are 3D maze games:


In A Maze. Added joystick support;

R T Labyrinth. Added joystick support for game. There is also an Editor to create your own maze. In the game, press FCTN+T then type *NORAD* to activate a cheat mode (should reset stats?).


Have fun!

[GAME] In A Maze (1982)(G. Anderson)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] R T Labyrinth (198x)(Mike De Frank)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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On 5/1/2022 at 1:40 PM, tmop69 said:

Another, compiled, French game:


- Los Pentaminos. Another puzzle game.


And yes, it requires the 32K memory, so it's time to get one if you are still not having it (contact Greg or Ciro in this forum in case)! ;-) 

[GAME] Les Pentaminos (1985)(Ivan Hary)[Compiled by TMOP].zip 9.94 kB · 8 downloads

Anyone that could translate it?

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*                         MEGA PACK V5.0.0                              *



All the games (500) in one .zip archive, with scripts to rename for FinalGROM (I've only tested the Windows script, not the Un*x counterpart).

This pack replaces the previous .zip (some of the games in the previous archives received an update and are included in this new pack).




*** Have Fun with your TI99! ***


TI99_Compiled_Games_MEGA_Pack_V5.0.0_by_TMOP.zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.6.1.xlsx

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9 minutes ago, Schmitzi said:


Hi, is it me or is the FinalGROM-folder empty ?



Yes, it's correct: run the .bat file included to create the files for FG (8.3 format) from the Classic99 folder (with long name). ;-) 



And the MESS folder has just few files: any volunteer for creating the .rpk files? ? 


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After the MegaPack 5 (see post #671 above), the show must go on, so here we have:


- Gold Miner, a classical mine game;

- Monster Match, a board game;

- Ludo, a nice startegy game (rules on Wikipedia).


Have fun!


[GAME] Gold Miner (198x)(Glenn Schworak)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Ludo (1989)(Roger Hueser)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Monster Match (1982)(Dennis Bobincheck)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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