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Raspberry Pi and AtariSIO


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I have been trying for quite a while to copy some of my old Atari disks to ATR files and have been having an awful time. I tried HiassofT's atarisio linux package on both Linux and Raspberry Pi and while atariserver works great on my Pi 4 with a USB-Serial adapter and my old SIO2PC cable, I cannot get atarixfer to work either on the Pi or a real linux machine with a serial port.  On the Pi with a USB-Serial converter going to an old 10502PC cable, the copying goes very slowly and only works on a disc where the data is loaded in consecutive sectors (like an Infocom side 1). All other discs I can hear the drive switch tracks around while reading which shouldn't be happening and while I end up with an ATR, it is garbage and unusable.  I was annoyed enough by this to buy a serial port for the Pi but atarixfer and atariserver can't seem to use it.  I read all the instructions about enabling the serial port and disabling the console on the Pi. I tested my serial port using minicom and the full-featured UART (ttyAMA0) using an old Cisco router and console management cable and it worked so I'm pretty sure my serial port on the Pi is hooked up properly.  I think my 1050 is still working since I can boot games directly on my 800XL and they work. None of the atari Rpi programs will see my serial port and I was wondering what more I could do to get this to work. 

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Do you have a level converter in place between the Atari hardware and the pi?

The 8bit computer section of the forum has several posts on the subject, eg:


As for the tools you can use on the pi to emulate the SIO device, there are several.

The classic sio2bsd, atarixfer and respeqt to name the most commonly used.


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