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Is there a good 48 pixel sprite editor out there?


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I've been using playerpal to make my sprites and it's been awesome for regular characters and animation.


But say I wanted to make one of those big sprites like our friend E.T. here. I have the code samples so the kernal's not the problem I'm just wondering if there is an editor out there like PlayerPal that's built for wide loads like this one. Especially one that will take a bitmap as input.


Say I had a bitmap I made in photoshop, already reduced down to 48 pixels wide. Is there a sprite editor out there that will take in that bitmap and crank out data that's ready for a one of the 48 pixel kernals that are commonly used? 


Any info is appreciated! Thank you! :)



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2 hours ago, quohog said:

@Andrew Davie I'm having a little trouble finding the python program in the download. Here's what I got. Did I download the wrong zip? 



Looks like an old version... hang on

You may need to get an up-to-date dasm to plonk in there...



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