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My Jaguar SDK environment is now on github


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Yes, that's expected because it's a headerless ROM. The utility assumes you'll use another tool afterwards such as romsplit with the -p option, or jagcrypt to prepend a header. Note filefix v6.x and v7.0 adjust the padding appropriately as well: Padding to 2MB will actually pad to 2MB - 8k to account for the missing header. The ROMs it outputs are intended to be used with an Alpine board, as can be seen from the scripts generated with the -rs option.


I've fixed the help output for -p to note it uses 0xff by default, added a -pn<x> option that lets you align the ROM size to an arbitrary power of 2, added the -n option to disable the "minus 8k" behavior when padding in case you're doing something like padding a CD track rather than an actual ROM, and bumped the version to 7.1. The filefix binary in the post above has been replaced with the updated version.


I'm debating whether to add code to prepend an 8k header of 0xff or the universal binary as you've done. I was also going to write an updated romsplit at some point (I'm slowly getting rid of the dos-only files in my SDK as I run into cases where I have to use them. dos_emu is slow. I wasn't really expecting other users this soon though.) that could handle prepending 8k of 0xff in a degenerate case where it wouldn't actually do any splitting, and there's a tiny mkuniv program in my version of the Skunkboard bringup scripts here that replaces any existing header on a ROM with the universal header, so it'd be redundant functionality in the SDK. On the other hand, it'd make filefix much more useful as a stand-alone utility given no one is developing on Alpines these days.

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55 minutes ago, cubanismo said:

2MB will actually pad to 2MB - 8k to

My bad, I did not see the 8k are missing :(


Anyway, I'd propose to keep -p for 2MB (maybe allow -p2 as well), -p1 for 1MB, -p4 for 4MB and last -p6, since 6MB is the maximum reasonable size of a Jaguar ROM.

Next, I'd say, unless "-n" is set, the first 8k are padded. If "-u" is set, the universal header is used instead of $FF or 0 (in case of -z).

Because I think VJ does not handle headerless ROMs, does it?

So "-n" is inversed as in "_n_o header"

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4 hours ago, cubanismo said:

-Merged some cleanups/improvements to maketools.sh (Thanks @dilinger!)

You welcome.

There are also a couple of Git's PL pending for the following repositories.


cubanismo/3dsconv Documentations update

cubanismo/pc_jagcrypt Modifications mostly for the Windows support

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Hi @cubanismo

Are you still looking for the lzjag stuff?


I have a package for it, late 1994, seems complete for the PC tool and Jaguar decompression. Source included, tests, makefile, etc. but not served with beverages.

If you want it, I can either create a git repository for it or can attach it in your git issue.

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4 hours ago, cubanismo said:

Is the source for both the tool and the Jaguar decompression code?

Yes, both have the sources. I do not know if this is the last known version but this package is complete.

Hereafter a short resume of the package:


PC.SRC directory contains files source code, makefile and the (DOS) executable.
JAG.SRC directory contains just one file source code for GPU.
The TEST directory contains also source code, makefile.
The NEWINCS directory contains the Jaguar definitions.
There are also readme files.

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