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Frostbite Ecological Holocaust Version from Hell (Frostbite Hack)

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2020 - North Pole - Earth


After humans destroyed their chances of survival, only one human was left on Earth.

Frostbite Bailey!

He's faster, he's more furious ... He's back!

Jumping frantically across icebergs, he devours all the fish he encounters and dodges the mutant drone birds who left over from the human resistance, after the machines revolt. Genetically modified shells for human consumption, now try to devour the last human left! And the giant extraterrestrial crabs will give you a lot of headaches. Build your home with blocks full of blood from your raw feet and survive the fastest bear the universe has ever created.

80 incarnations foreseen by Chico Xavier.
Start at level 80.

And cry until you don't want to anymore ...

A homemade production for the most exquisite tastes.

Atari Hell Hacks Corp.




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