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Sadistroids (was: Asteroids Turbo)

Thomas Jentzsch

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Wow, sadistic is right!  Reminds me of the first time I played Asteroids in the arcade with no grasp of the controls ;)


I'd buy this one in cart form...

You can always ask AA to make a cart from it. :)


But maybe you want to wait a little bit. I am currently trying to solve the problem with the missing asteroid (after 15,000 points, when you shoot at 4 large asteroids moving into the same y-direction, the last large one will only create one medium sized asteroid).

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Yeah it always amazes me how people would often end up playing the ODD numbered game variation of the original 2600 Asteroids.. I mean that was the most boring one because the asteroids would only travel UP AND DOWN :lol: I guess since it was the default setting (i.e. Game #1) that probably lots of folks weren't aware of the other variations :|

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Allright! I finally broke out the Cuttle Cart to play this and to me this is the 2600 Asteroids of choice! :D


Can't beat those fast moving asteroids coming at you from all angles... good fun :) Beats the heck out of the old "up/down" stagnant asteroids of the original version.


I got 11,500 on game 10 (Fast Asteroids, shields, extra man at 5k) but I did notice some sound glitches.. especially when using the shield. Still fun though. This one should go in the hacks page before it gets forgotten :D

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