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Mad Stalker

Steven Pendleton

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I found Mad Stalker today and I bought a copy. I figured maybe some people might want to know that it is a Columbus Circle cart, which means it's just a straight-edged PCB with no beveled edge at all. It's literally just a flat, rectangular PCB and the same cheap-feeling build quality as their Gleylancer cart from last year. I think I read somewhere that the Gleylancer cart is basically some garbage-tier thing with incorrect voltage or something and I expect that this cart is about the same, sadly. I don't remember where I read that, so don't ask for a source because I forgot and am too lazy to go find it again!


Unlike the Gleylancer cart, though, this game does actually run on the Mega Sg's most recent firmware (7.7 as of right now). The game itself has nice music and seems to play well, but I think it would be better if I knew how to actually play this game. Perhaps I should actually read the instructions.


This game is also unlike Gleylancer in that while Gleylancer originally got released in 1992, this is a completely new port from the X68000 that has never been released before.


Apparently Amazon has it, so here it is in case anybody wants it


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My understanding is that this is another game that was near completion originally in the mid 90s that like Hardcore was scrapped due to the genesis/megadrive falling out of favor with the Saturn already on the horizon or having been released. Clumbus Circle picked it up and finished it off to package and bring to the masses 20+ years later.


I'm impressed with the game overall. I don't have an issue with the build quality other than the lack of the beveled edges on the PCB since if you aren't careful you could cause issues with the pins in the cart connnector without the beveled edges. I've not wanted to crack mine open since being a JPN MD style cart, there isn't away for me to open it without damaging the rear labeling. But I believe the other columbus circle releases use a standard flash cartridge that just as the game flashed onto it and it isn't using an actual masked rom as it would back in the old days. While I've not played the game extensively, I do own other releases that didn't contain the proper level shifters in them to handle the +5 from the console properly, and the ONLY issues I've had with those games is the game cart itself getting warm from extended play, but never had an issue with the console itself. 


My belief is that the +5 to the cart is more likely to burn out the cart over extended use vs doing anything damaging to the console itself. Again, I've not had any issues over the past few years but then I'm not just playing these games 24/7 either so I can't state one way or the other. I just know that I haven't had any issues myself personally.

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Alright, in that case I won't worry about it too much, then. I do feel bad for any system that gets these improperly made carts inserted into them because of the terrible edges, but it'll have to do until I can get a Retrode unless the Mega Sg gets a cart dump function like the Super Nt has. I know there was some discussion of such a feature, but there hasn't been a single update for the Mega Sg for over a year now.


Anyway, yeah, the cartridge itself is not so great, I think, but the game is awesome and so is the music! Too bad I am terrible at it! Either that or the game is difficult. I think a combination of both is most likely. I've not spent much time playing it yet, so I've only played it for about 30 minutes on the day I got it and then another 30 minutes or so yesterday. Looking forward to spending more time with it for sure!

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