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2020/2021 HSC Round 1: Choplifter


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Welcome to the 2020/2021 High Score Club! There will be 14 rounds, lasting 20 days each. The season will end in June, 2021.


Round 1 final points:

13 - Dr Moocowz

10 - roadrunner

9 - slx

8 - jeremiahjt

7 - BydoEmpire

6 - Toiletunes


3 - jblenkle

3 - OyamaFamily


Choplifter scores:


Dr Moocowz - 64 !

roadrunner - 63

jeremiahjt - 57

slx - 57

BydoEmpire - 49

Toiletunes - 45

NIKON - 30

jblenkle - 26

OyamaFamily - 24



Bonus: Get to the choppah! Post a screenshot from any 2600 game with a helicopter for one bonus point. Don't use a game someone else posted (no duplicates).


Choppah bonus:


BydoEmpire - River Raid

Dr Moocowz - Commando Raid

NIKON - Chopper Command

OyamaFamily - Rampage

roadrunner - Time Pilot

slx - Superman

Toiletunes - Air Raid




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Never very good at, nor particularly liked Choplifter, but even so it's fun to go back and play a game I hadn't touched in a long time.  It's actually more fun than I remember. 40 points?  Not sure about scoring.



Need to get on the bonus round, though.  Every time I come back here the game I was going to play gets used.;)


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My first try to get a bit more 7800 playtime through the highscore club was hampered by my finding out that my Choplifter cart does not work on either of my 7800s. All other carts I tried work flawlessly. Contacts look pristine and rubbing them with alcohol left barely a trace on the Q-tip. I am now pondering whether I should try opening it up and looking for bad solder joints. Maybe it's an NTSC cart but the last one I had showed a more or less normal pictures, just without colors, while this one shows a few flashes at best (not even real static).


So I fired up OpenEmu and managed a measly 25 lives saved. I have never played 7800 Choplifter before but played a lot of the (older) Atari 800 Broderbund Choplifter (as it was one of only a handful of games I owned) and found it much easier (at least on a PAL machine) to get a perfect score.  It's much harder to hit a tank on the 7800 as the heli is a lot more fidgety to maneuver and the fighters are so deadly only a very quick reaction will save you when they appear as you load hostages.  Wow to a score of 63!

Choplifter (PAL) (Atari) (1987) 2020-09-26 21.24.44.png


After a few attempts trying out some old tactics modified for the 7800, a more reasonable 57:



And here's a screenshot of the helicopter in Superman:


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added score, helicopter screenshot
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