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New Homebrew: USA Zombie Apocalypse


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Just found out about this game today on Facebook: USA Zombie Apocalypse. It looks fantastic! Not only gameplay but total presentation with the overlay AND controller overlay, unique PCB design, etc.


You can learn more about the game and make a purchase here. Gameplay trailer here. Unboxing video here.


Very impressive. May have to pull the trigger. Looks like development is out of France. Would likely take a while to receive here stateside. Looks to be worth the wait, though! I know my post looks like a paid advertisement but I swear it's not. Just an average Vectrex fan, I promise! Has anyone here purchased this yet? Cheers.

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 2.01.44 PM.png

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Just now, TrekMD said:

Mine arrived today.  The box got a bit squashed by the post office. 

Nice, but sorry to hear; sounds like that's happening to everyone! Box squashing has been all the chatter on the Vectrex Facebook group today. Apparently the developer is sending out complimentary replacement boxes to anyone who asks for one.

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Pricey, but not a bad game. Fairly high quality all around. The goodies included help sweeten the pot, so if you have the extra cash, I'd recommend picking it up. If you don't like it, you could always resell it I suppose. 


Beware if you use box protectors; it's a little on the wide side, so it'll be a tight fit trying to fit inside a standard Vectrex box protector, but it can be done. I use some from Retroprotection.com. You could also try a Neo Geo AES box protector, but there will be a big gap on the front/back of the box.


Game on! ✌️

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